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Hey, once again everyone! I don't think anybody is reading this story, but I really want to continue it. But I get discouraged when nobody reads it or doesn't leave a review. I need feedback before I keep going.

This chapter is short, but I assure you, the next one will be longer! Enjoy and review, okay? :)

Chapter 2: A Big Shocker

Ideological conceptualism is what better defined the approaches the Council had on restructuring the governmental framework of Republic City ensuing the aftermath of Amon's invasion. Hundreds of people had swarmed the headquarters sweeping all the rooms for Avatar Korra, but after much tempering by Councilman Tenzin to break up the crowd, many of them simply gave up and went home.

Ever since the girl's vacation had started three months ago, it was like this almost every day a former bender slipped into City Hall.  One exbender would draw another one into his quarrel like a moth to a light bulb, and thousands upon thousands, at times, would sometimes come and torment poor Tenzin and the fatigued Council members to the point that metalbending officers would sometimes intervene and cut off all paths into the building.

But as flustered and red-faced as the airbender became, deep down, Tenzin couldn't blame them for requesting Korra's attention so adamantly. They were like normal civilians right now, just wanting something precious they lost to be returned rightfully to them. But although Korra did have a duty to these very people, she also had a responsibility to tending to her wellbeing, especially after a war as vicious as the Anti-bending Revolution has been waged, otherwise she was no more than just a sitting duck.

Korra paraded out of the conference room, bubbling with excitement. She was not only relieved to be out of a miserable, monotonous meeting, but was greatly ecstatic that she'd been granted her bending back. She couldn't stop dwelling on how Aang came to her side that day from the spiritual realm and delivered her from her lowest point, pressing his finger to her forehead with one hand on her shoulder and enveloping them both in a platinum light. She was so happy she had finally connected with her spiritual self and even gained the ability to enter the Avatar State as a bonus.

In addition to all of that, Korra was well on the road to becoming a recognized, well-mastered airbender. With the man of her dreams at her side? Could it get any better?

Tenzin caught up with the ebullient Avatar and fetched her by the shoulder, pulling her aside. "A word, please?"

Korra panted and caught her breath, trailing Tenzin as he led her to the outer perimeter of the building. "Alright, look. I know you've been working super hard at your training, Korra, and even the White Lotus Sentries have begun to notice."

At the frail pitch of his voice lowered towards the latter of that statement, Korra quirked her head and shot him an inquisitive look. "What do you mean? I have to master airbending! The last thing there is to do is to take my airbending test and duel against you! Then I'll be a master airbender and will have mastered all four elements like an Avatar is supposed to!"

Tenzin literally slammed his palm into his face. "You're not getting the point!" He paced back and forth to calm his vexed nerves. The aging man appeared to be graying more nowadays when his irritability was high. He stopped short of Korra's bemused expression and cocked brow. "Look, in a matter of days, the Council is going to demand that you restore the bending of thousands of Republic City citizens. That kind of work takes a lot of energy!"

She shrugged dispassionately and let the words roll off her tongue. "Yeah? So what?"

He stomped a foot and glared at her impatiently. "You're investing too much energy in airbending that you're neglecting your responsibilities to the city!" He cooled himself and fanned himself with a gust of air as soon as he noticed his temperature rising. Sometimes the Water Tribe girl could cause an intense amount of vexation, but he needed to get his point across.

She squared her shoulders. "So… What do you suggest? What, are the Sentries telling you to order me a vacation…or…something…?"

Startlingly, Tenzin whirled around and snapped his fingers in Korra's face. "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!!"

She flushed scarlet and for a minute, wondered if Aang's son was all right in the head. "Um…. Are you alright, Tenzin?"

Snapping out of his frenzy at the offbeat slur in her voice, Tenzin gathered himself and unwrinkled his acolyte sleeves. He coughed loudly and straightened up. "Ahem," he vociferated in one booming cough. Trying to not blast wind in her face, Tenzin continued, "The White Lotus Sentries have practically nagged me DAY and NIGHT to let you have a vacation. At first, I was hesitant, but at their incessant bickering, I simply gave in. I think you earned it anyway, after what you did for Republic City."

She beamed at her air master and performed a childish pirouette on the spot. Stopping short of herself at the queer look Tenzin was giving her now due to her craziness, Korra gently coughed and bowed elegantly. "Yes, Master Tenzin." Her voice still reverberated with pride, but the undertone of humbleness was still there. "How can I ever forget?"

As she galloped off away from City Hall into the courtyard, Korra spiraled around, smiled wickedly one last time at Tenzin, and scampered out into the city.

He'd never live that day down, the day three months ago when Korra decided to take a "mini-break" from Avatar duties and go on a vacation as commanded by her guardians. He facepalmed at his iniquity; he should have known that a full battalion of exbenders were going to be seeking Korra out once word of her newly honed ability of energybending broke loose.

"Councilman Tenzin?" The nerdy-looking scrawny man who represented Tarrlok's aide during his reign as chairman peeked from behind the corner of one of the stone columns.

Tenzin relaxed and allowed his red-beet face to fade. With his back to the aide, he spoke softly. "I know it wasn't a good idea to agree with the Sentries. But the girl needed a break." For one moment, he turned around and faced the advisor. "She gets on my nerves sometimes!"

Familiar footfalls pounded in the large corridor. The eldest airbender knew of the only person who could produce such racket. He sighed.

"Tenzin! I just got a report from Korra!" The esteemed Chief of Police hadn't changed much in the past three months since the end of the Revolution, but the crinkles of her forehead appeared to collect traces of weatherworn age. This was perhaps due to undue stress at the mayhem that occurred in the Hall on a daily basis.

He whipped around and faced her, calmly composing himself, but adorning a look of intrigue. "What is it?"

"I don't know how to say this but…Avatar Korra…was in Ba Sing Se about two hours ago."

Wonder why Korra is in Ba Sing Se? This takes place a few months after the end of Book 1 and Korra decides to go on vacation from her duties for a little while. Chapter 3 will be up soon, but please review! Please? I'll give a cookie to the first reviewer! <3
This is the second chapter to The Revenant. I am working on Chapter 7 and will upload 3 when 7 is finished.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
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moonbagger Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
This is a good story, and I'm betting it's going to get better and crazier. Good Job.

Okay now where's my cookie lol.
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Sweet! You get your cookie now! -hands you one- What flavor do you like?

And yes, omg, it's going to get MUCH crazier. Especially when the crossover part comes. haha.
moonbagger Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Ollie Williams impression "PEANUT BUTTER!!!!"

Man I can't wait. oh and don't worry about people not reading your work. Just comment on other people's work and when someone reads your comment and gets curios, they will check out your page. That's how I got a reader for my complete original story that would've normally been impossible to find unless you knew about it. and it is just like one reader i think.
bl0gmOnKeY78 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Hmm yeah you do have a point there lol. I guess I should leave a review on someone else's work as well. I'll update as soon as I can, but I've got a few amv's I have to also finish. I will work on chapter 7 to this story and finish it soon and then update as soon as I finish writing that.

Omg rofl peanut butter... -growls- too good... I love peanut butter, yum yum. :D
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