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"Contributor" is a recognition title we use to celebrate artists who submitted 10+ deviations of original characters. They have their own folders to which they can directly submit their artwork and move up the ranks, which is based on number of deviations submitted.



Gallery Folders

Mouse Master DA Clean Version by NiktanaArt
Kiss by GeshaCheArt
Ma boissssssss by GeshaCheArt
Akio and Morgan by GeshaCheArt
Original Artists - Bronze Tier

Mature Content

Increasing Heat (18+) by Van-Syl-Production

Mature Content

YCH - NSFW3 - Xero x Zephyr by Dizzy-Possum
October 7 2020 by Tachibana-Mizuko
Open Collab with Pinku-me by Pelusita-Fideos
Original Artists - Silver Tier

Mature Content

Hunks and Flowers by LoScarlatto
I'm here by Shadow-insomnia
Cathedral by KDrewM

Mature Content

Badboys On Bed by sagitarian71
Original Artists - Gold Tier

Mature Content

No Differences with Love by Quina-chan
Morning sweet by Lidiash
Stuck between a rock and a... well... you know by AlleyKatArt
Acquiesce II by Platycerium
Original Artists - Platinum Tier
Moonlight Valentine by Ulysses3DArt
lavender viske and sesamaru by Cassielink
Please Sort for Me
A High School memory ~ SoSPoOT by Fayrin-kun
Fandoms Needing Folders
Moxxie x Blitzo by peggy8704
Stolitz by peggy8704

Mature Content

Kawoshin by arosyks
May thee rest, Ashen one by WaterSpinach
YCH Sheets

Mature Content

Reading [YCH] by zwitte
You are cute YCH by cuteredcherry
YCH - SET PRICE - [CLOSED] - PayPal by SuongFae
Bunny Boy NSFW gay YCH [CLOSED] by Dorothy-Douglas
Crossovers _ Multi-Fandom
Chu~ by Kyuupitto
A Date in Sapporo by Kyuupitto
Danny and Dude by Damare
:.:LOL x KOF - The End Of Araxiel's Search:.: by ShadeTomlinson
Pride Originals
Friendship, I guess by GeshaCheArt
Pride Month: 2021 by GhostFreak-Artz
The Sea Of Love by MortuusFabula
Love is Love by TyrannoNinja
Anime and Manga
AnK by K-Koji
Sun and Spear, Peach and Petal by reh-sa
Gumlee by Prince-Zer0
Comic Books
Boyfriends by RyriJP
Movies _ Animation

Mature Content

Hercules Prince Eric by 7angelm
Movies _ Live Action
Hartwin - Shall We Dance by RedPassion
Welcome to Night Vale - sketch by maXKennedy
Tabletop and Card Games

Mature Content

DnD - Luceed Jin - Love At Night by Hidekuni
Commission: Klaine Fall by Afterlaughs
Video Games
Bacio? [Ezio x Altair] by meh-ichweissnicht
Virtual People

Mature Content

Survival by NarumyNatsue
Visual Novels
#18 Happy Valentine's Day! by MizuAme223
KhunBam by Scarlet-Side
Horus x Seth by MerulaGFM
Rainbow Duet by SariPhantom101

Mature Content

Double portrait  - By Giovanni Dall'Orto, 2016 by giovannidallorto


Commission: Bronte and Kale by Yaoi-World
We need to talk by ReneBruni
Art dump by Juniiie
Hugs by Juniiie
Featured Bronze Tier 5+
.:AT:. Kirichi by POLISHhedgieFanGirl

Mature Content

Dinner time by Lumi-senpai
skypeXcommander by 1st-leutenant
Commission for xShooryx by 6night-walking9
Featured Silver Tier 10+
- Shonen ai Valentine's Day - by Kurama-chan
[COM] menheras by Juukah
Commission-Xxusagi-no-hotaruXx by eguana
A new rival by AngelofHapiness
Featured Gold Tier 25+
Lick [MHMD] by ProfDrLachfinger

Mature Content

OC: Boob Squeeze by HaLeaHana

Mature Content

KINKY GRIMOIRE - Inferior incubus by Machina-Su
Dat Ass part 2 by BananAdopt
Featured Platinum Tier 50+
Just close to you by Bihve

Mature Content

Zonked by DrMistyTang
Crossovers - Multifandoms
Touch by Don-Lemefo
step by step by Don-Lemefo
dark4525 by Don-Lemefo
Forgiveness by Don-Lemefo
Anime and Manga A-I
-- 07-ghost: MikagexTeito -- by Kurama-chan
Peacefull moment by Yaoimaus
Ikkazu doodleeeee by Kiwibon
Little Kiss by EryenArt
Anime and Manga J-R
Jotaro x Polnareff by ShiShingo275
JUNJOU - romantica bookmark by Akiahara
K - SaruMi by susumus
hold close by Zwagyzonk
Anime and Manga S-Z

Mature Content

Iced Heart by kir-tat
MiloCamus by Alpsgirl
Kisa Walks in for the 9821037572389048790th Time by justplaingourgeous
-- Yaoi day: Seven Days -- by Kurama-chan
Andreil Rooftop Hangouts by midgaardian
First Kiriban 50,000 by Florbe
.You Are So Wasted. by CrimsonSlush
Drarry - Sudden Kiss by rosyclozy
Floaty hugs by Vulgar1sm
Comic Books
Commission Blue Lantern Barry by chimchiri
Sweet Prince by Anjosguval
Movies _ Animation
Hijack- Snowball Fight and 1000 watchers by AlexDasMaster
Movies _ Live Action
Trucking [Snack] by ProfDrLachfinger
Get stoned in my basement  by Crazygalcomics
Carlos and Cecil cute by 3Nun
Tabletop and Card Games
Happy Couple [DND Commission] by ABD-illustrates
Wall Kiss [Lawrusso] by ProfDrLachfinger
Video Games
After 5 PM by Korpiden
Virtual Groups

Mature Content

Just what we Needed - Rematch by PumpkinHipHop
Visual Novels
(do not) give in to kouao by aryllins
Secret Scandal XXX by FelizsTear



Rules of BL-Hoard

We have a few rules in our group which we ask everyone to follow. Artworks that violate these rules will be removed. If an artist continues violating these rules, we will send notifications via Notes and ultimately ban the artist. These rules are subject to change and new rules may be added as new issues arise. If you see any art violating these rules, please send me a note so I can address it. I don't know every detail about every character in every fandom, so I rely on the help of the group's members to keep this place running smoothly.

Do not submit art of just one character.
Do submit art of two or more male characters being romantic/sexual.

Do not submit art of cis-female characters.
Do submit art of female-to-male transgender characters.

Do not submit fan art to the Featured folder.
Do submit art of original art/characters to the Featured folder.

Do not submit fan art to the Featured folder.
Do submit fan art to its matching fandom folder.

Do not submit art of fan characters to the Featured folder.
Do submit fan characters to their matching fandom folder.

Do not submit commission sheets or requests.
Do submit your-character-here "YCH" sheets with boy love options.

Do not submit multiple versions of the same piece of art.
Do pick your favorite version and show it off to the group.

Do not submit art of real-life people who are not publicly out in homosexual relationships.

Do not submit art of anyone under 17 paired with anyone over 21.

Do not submit art of incestuous relationships.

Do not submit literature. We are a visual art group only.

Do not submit male pregnancy "mpreg" art.
2021 Jun 1: Television >> Glee
2021 May 1: Video Games >> Touken Ranbu
2021 May 1: Video Games >> Team Fortress 2
2021 Apr 1: Video Games >> Castlevania
2021 Apr 1: Podcasts >> Welcome to Night Vale
2021 Apr 1: Anime >> Sailor Moon
2021 Apr 1: Video Games >> World of Warcraft
2021 Mar 1: Video Games >> Genshin Impact
2021 Mar 1: Video Games >> Mass Effect
2021 Mar 1: Anime >> Scum Villain's Self Saving System
2021 Feb 2: Television >> Teen Wolf
2021 Feb 2: Virtual People >> Hypnosis Mic
2021 Feb 2: Webcomics >> Better Than You
2021 Feb 2: Webcomics >> Gulliver's Children
2021 Feb 2: Webcomics >> Theurgy
2021 Feb 2: Webcomics >> Vampire Prince
2020 Dec 8: Anime >> Death Note
2020 Dec 8: Anime >> No.6
2020 Dec 8: Cartoons >> Invader Zim
2020 Dec 8: Video Games >> Bendy and the Ink Machine
2020 Sep 4: Anime >> Digimon
2020 Sep 4: Books >> Captive Prince
2020 Sep 4: Cartoons >> My Little Pony
2020 Aug 3: Video Games >> League of Legends
2021 May: 5+ Featured >> POLISHhedgieFanGirl
2021 May: 5+ Featured >> Al-sempai
2021 May: 10+ Featured >> Juukah
2021 May: 10+ Featured >> Kurama-chan
2021 May: Cartoons >> Voltron
2021 May: Movies _ Animation >> Hi-Jack
2021 May: Video Games >> Final Fantasy
2021 May: Video Games >> Fire Emblem
2021 May: Video Games >> Genshin Impact
2021 May: Video Games >> Legend of Zelda
2021 May: Video Games >> Persona
2021 May: Video Games >> Until Dawn
2021 May: Video Games >> Hades Game
2021 May: Televison >> Sherlock
2021 May: Video Games >> Pokemon
2021 May: Comic Books >> DC Comics
2021 May: Comic Books >> Marvel Comics
2021 May: Television >> Royal Pains
2021 May: Anime >> My Hero Academia
2021 May: Anime >> Naruto
2021 May: Anime >> Saint Seiya
2021 May: Video Games >> Star Fox
2021 May: Musicals >> Phantom of the Opera
2021 May: Anime >> Rakudai Ninja Rantarou
2021 May: Anime >> Tsuritama
2021 May: Anime >> Magi
2021 May: Anime >> Demon Slayer
2021 May: Anime >> Earl Cain
2021 May: Anime >> Love Stage
2021 May: Anime >> Pandora Hearts
2021 May: Anime >> Shiki
2021 May: Anime >> Kuroko's Basketball
2021 May: Anime >> Heaven Official's Blessing
2021 May: Anime >> No. 6
2021 May: Cartoons >> Miraculous Ladybug
2021 May: Anime >> Attack on Titan
2021 May: Anime >> Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
2021 May: Anime >> Junujou Romantica
2021 May: Anime >> Yuri on Ice
2021 May: Visual Novels >> Dramatical Murder
2021 May: Anime >> Free Iwatobi Swim Club
2021 May: Video Games >> Kingdom Hearts
2021 May: Books >> Harry Potter
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