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Bundrops [OPEN SPECIES] Species Guide


Bundrops now have an official group!

:iconbundrop-pool-party: :iconbundrop-pool-party: :iconbundrop-pool-party:

Bundrops an OPEN Species! You DO NOT need to ask permission before making your own! You do not need to pay money to make one!

>>>View Full Rules and Restrictions Here!

You may make your own, as many as you want!
You may trade or sell designs.
You may sell custom designs of this species.
:new:You may use these as creatures in personal stories, roleplays, OC's pets etc.
:new:You may post and use them off-site, just link back to this sheet.
:new:You may draw them as anthro.

You may not sell a single Bundrop (whether custom or pre-designed) for more than $30 usd/3000:points: and equivalent.
You may not use these in a story with intent to publish, sell, or commercialize.
You may not redistribute this species or claim their concept as your own.

>>>Addtional Species Info

>>>Frequently Asked Questions

Free to Use Base:

You may make edits to this base.
You may not make edits to redistribute this base as your own.

I do not claim to own rabbits or water! Haha.
I do claim to own the concept of Bundrops and their traits as seen in this image.

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this is so cute

brionnie19's avatar
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awww so cute! I want one lol

Starlight790's avatar

Here are my Bundrops!

Seafoam and Fern (Bundrops)
lunaato's avatar

Hello :D

This Species is so cute :D

Can i make some of these? :D

BlaineNicolai02's avatar

I know we can make adopts with these lil guys, but is it possible to do mystery egg adopts? Like have their design on the egg and the person buys that and gets a bun drop with that design on the egg?

TropicalDino's avatar

@NormallyNULL Its so you find the species!

AChangingAkko's avatar

Is it possible for a bundrop to be like- polar lop ear? Tropical lop ear? Etc. I'm just curious.

Tots0scribbles's avatar

I love these!!! here’s mine I finished a bit ago :00

NightNSpace's avatar

may I make one as an OC's pet? I'd like to know and make sure ahead of time!

jasminesartandcats's avatar

this concept is so cool

i think my gallery will be flooded with them

haha, get it? flooded?

i will sit in the corner now.

CursedMizuki's avatar

I used the bundrop species For this Animal crossing Oc.

Rolsafrair46's avatar

I have bun buns

I have two rabbits


uhohspaghetti0s's avatar

These are sooo cute

Jazceon17's avatar

Oh gosh this species is AMAZING?? I need one right now TwT I’m so happy these are open bc they’re so gosh-darn cute?! I love them and I will make my own definitely. uwu <333

Shimiechimera's avatar

Hello i have a question

You say that we cannot use them in stories that we are going to publish but does this also apply to video games?

Eddie-Roo's avatar
Tarántula dropplet bunnies, nice
Bluefeather329's avatar
i'm having a heccin' struggle, cause like, i want to make a bundrop, but it would end up in a story like the rest of my ocs, but it says in the rules i cant do that because i'm pretty sure posting stuff about said story online counts as publishing, i'm strugglin' here please clarify
BallOfBlood's avatar
Wait, so, am I allowed to use this as a species for a book I would "publish" (it's just called that on that site, not really publishing) for others to see online? Of course, I would give credits to you for creating it. 
justanotherMARR's avatar
it seems as though Russia is above the equator, is it possible for there to be a lop-eared polar bundrop? :0o
Neon-Scribbles17's avatar
Is it okay if I make an amino for these? They're so cute!! 
JoykillZynx's avatar
you might have already got asked this before and I just haven't seen, but am I allowed to make f2u bases ? :0
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