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RIP Steve Jobs - wallpaper

As a Macbook Pro user, I decided to do a wallpaper in honor of Steve Jobs.

I’m not a fanboy or very dramatic about his dead, but I liked this idea of having the shape of his head in the missing part of Apple’s logo. After all, now he really is the missing part of the "apple".

I keep it with a simple design, just like Steve liked.


I had the idea for my work by looking at this photo that someone took in a Apple conference: [link]

I swear by everything I believe that I didn't copy or steal any ideia. I never copied anything and I never will. During my life as a digital artist, I had to face many copies of my artwork, it would be a complete non-sense if I decided to copy someone. There's no way to prove it, but this was completely my idea.

Anyway, I just found out that this one was the first design with this concept: [link]
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A fine tibute and thoughtful design!......well conceived.
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simple yet amazing!.. :)
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Great! I love it! :D
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Nice one mate, here's a 'reply' from the UNIX world: [link] ;)
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I just watched a documentary on Steve Jobs, the guy who came up with this logo was asian!
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No, the first person to came up with this concept was Chris Thornley. The "asian" Jonathan Mak then had the same idea an then I had the same idea. All of us had the same concept at different times without knowing that someone already did it before.
Next time read the description and the top comments before saying anything.
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Sorry, but you really have some research to do.
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It's weird now that Chris Thornley is apparently credited with the first concept and the other guy everyone "accused you of copying" is under fire haha:

I guess there is justice :)
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I don't wish anything bad for him, but I'm glad to see that justice exists.
Thank you for the link :)
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i just barely saw this on the yahoo home page too, its kind of sad to think that your idea isn't at as original as you thought it would be
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see my artworks :)
original idea by myself..hope u all like..
remembering steve jobs.. the famous 'one more thing'
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That is very cool!

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Thanks for everything
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Woooooww! Well great minds think alike I guess.
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I really want to congratulate with you for your formidable and I'd love to underline Genius idea you where come out with! I also would love to suggest you to send your work to Apple I'm pretty sure they will appreciate to use it for future commemorations! My compliments again!

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mas é que foi mesmo... vi no jornal essa mesma imagem. ao menos punhas o link de onde foi tirado isso tipo isto assim [link]
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Isto não foi tirado de lado nenhum, fui eu que fiz a partir da minha própria cabeça. Na altura que fiz ainda não era famosa a imagem do Jonathan Mak e eu nem sequer sabia que existia. Não tenho culpa que ele e outro designer antes dele tenham tido a mesma ideia antes de mim.
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It was a hong kong design graphic student called Johnatan that make thsi "remake" of the mark apple
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Doesn't show to be that anymore, a man named Chris Thornley who's 40 and from England is credited with the original design before the Hong Kong graphic student, see here: [link]
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