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My Perfect Type: v1.4

By BK-Guy
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FINALY I FINISH, My Perfect Type is a Quiz type game made in Unity, the game is basically a personality quiz to determine which of the following 16 personalities is yours, the math is done by percentages, so you may answers something like your favorite color is pink and still get Goth, because of the other questions(Weird but this is who the formula works).

The game is complete, but there may be some hotfixes in future, also there can be some incredible badly written text, sorry for that.

So the game can be play by downloading it in TF games Site, here’s the link to the games:


You may find yourself thinking that this look like some game of Gardamuse , well that’s, simple, he´s game had been my inspiration for making this project, thanks for making awesome games.

The game is quite short since is my first game made, still hope you will enjoy it.

There gona be one more update before i can tell that the game is complete.


New Update 1.4


  • 2 New Questions to give chance to some personalities.
  • 3 New Questions with unique answers for each personality, these questions will not affect the outcome, but make the transformation smoother.


  • Fix resolution error making Trophy room unplayable.
  • Spelling errors corrected.
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Great game and great transformations , thanks for the work ^^

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Even with Wine and Wine Bottler, I can't seem to get it to work on Mac. Such is life as a Mac user.

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Yeah... so I forgot to make a mac version, sorry.^^;

Right now i´m fixin some resolution bugs, by next update there will be a version for mac, Yay!:dummy:

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As someone very interested in this, any idea how long that will take?

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In the actual version there´s a link to a mac build dowload, you can tell by the zip name.

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tried it, but it said it would not open it. (I am not very good with tech.)

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I really love it, great work!

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Thanks for playing, i´m glad you like it.

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