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...deviantart addresses, that is! :)

I have just wrapped on Boston Comic-Con this past weekend, and I've been in the process of undergoing one more (and hopefully the last) artistic evolution in the timeline of artwork: 

Meet Brett Kelley: Art Mercenary!

Over the last year and half, I've been fortunate enough to have taken on jobs that I never would have even considered doing and it's been nothing short of a wonderful adventure! 

The new address will serve a major purpose: To demonstrate and showcase my artistic skill and progression for public consumption and consideration.

I won't be sharing as many works in progress or ideas here (as they tend to be stolen and/or swiped by others on here, sadly), rather I'll be sharing my well-known art pieces and works that communicate my abilities as they currently stand. Hopefully, the new page will prove to be the much needed online portfolio I so desperately desire. 

As of right now, I'm currently managing far too many accounts as it is. I am currently on: the undertaking is fairly absurd in terms of all-over-the-place-ness. :typerhappy:

I'd like to bring the focus back to my facebook page (where you can see the commissions and other great things I get to do at conventions and such), the blogspot (where you can read up on my madness in real-time and see some more exclusive, cool stuff) and here! 

I'll be keeping this page up for at least a little while, so anyone who wants to hop on board during the transition is more than welcome to do so. :) 

I hope to see you on the new page, and I wish you all the best in the future! 

Take Care, and see you on the other side. :wave: 

Brett Kelley: Art Mercenary
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