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We are the Super saiyans DBM

finally I finished it! When time is rare, such a work can seem endless...
The Saiyans from Universe 13, made from a rough draft by Gogeta Jr. I think it looks quite cool... Too bad the little changes in the armour weren't used in the fancomic itself...

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball multiverse by Gogeta Jr. (art) and Salagir (story)
GIMP 2.6.7 in 6h
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Cool. Haven't recall seeing king vegeta in the DBM comics, but absolutely awesome though
What I'd like to know is how Vegeta and Kakarotto went Super Saiyan without the drive they had to go SSJ in-series. Here's what I figure:

We know that, in the main timeline, Freeza discovered the Dragonballs using the scouters Vegeta had when they landed on Earth. Now, its most likely that Kami was killed by Kakarotto, since he's the Guardian of Earth and would intervene, and obviously since Kakarotto's still alive he's dead. So there are no Dragonballs. What I think happened is that Freeza did not discover the existence of the Dragonballs for years. Meanwhile, without the knowledge of their existence, the Saiyan quartet had to train vigorously to overthrow him instead of 

Eventually they searched the universe was way to unlock the Super Saiyan potential. Obviously they achieved it, just in time to go after Freeza when he learned of Namek and its Dragonballs. Vegeta isn't immortal, so Guru/Moori must've been killed or simply refused to give them the password. Vegeta, having become the new Emperor of the Galaxy, sought ways to become even more powerful, eventually leading to higher transformations. The other three just did whatever. The Supreme Kai didn't interfere because he's not in charge of the North Galaxy, and they aren't threatening the universe

Since they were mercenaries hired by Freeza, the Ginyu Force may still be alive. With humanity dead, Babidi reviving Buu is a no-go.  Since Goku has been terrorizing the world, Dr Gero wouldn't be motivated to make Cell, and may even have been a good guy. Going into DBM movies, Cooler could've just done whatever or got killed by The Hype. Broly could've been killed in a strike attack. Bojack's stuck in the Kai planet. Tapion's stuck in the box. Raichi, however? Bugger if I know. Maybe the real change started when he died slipping on a banana
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I thought that Kakarotto and Vegeta dont have tails... and where do we see Bardock & King Vegeta??
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maybe vegeta and kakarot could swap boots? XP awesome work i love DBZ multiverse
Absolutely looove this! I'm gonna favorite this for sure!
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yup, they do look cool. Too bad for Vegeta and Kakarot for when they'll get their spirits crushed when they fight their U18 counterparts. It would be funny to see Goku go ssj3 in front of his U13 version self and scare him. XD
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ssj3 goku says my fist burns with an awesome says show tits or get the hell out of my face..
u13 goku says i surrender..
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cool pic :)
I realy like all your pic.
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now the question here is... when are YOU going to make a comic special?? your drawings are much better than the other two people who made specials!
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Thanks a lot, but I think I won't be able to make a whole comic. I mean, c'mon, Albertocubatas was really OK, not? At least he has the DB-Style. My works wouldn't be better. I'm better at illustrations and coloring. In fact that's what I do for DBM.
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lol i mean salagir is getting other artists to do "special" comics that are short, where he provides the script. you wouldn't be able to do that??? :( the comics you drew on your own are very well drawn so farrr
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Awesome pic!
Goku looks....evil.
But where are Bardock's leg warmers? He doesn't have on his leg warmers. Where are the leg warmers? WHY ARE THE LEG WARMERS ALWAYS GONE?! wow, I'm hyper. I'm not annoying, am I? Sorry.. Any way, this pic is awesome. I like how you altered their armor to be pointy near the bottom of the torso on Goku-er-"Kakarrot" and Vegeta. But what's with the 13? Universe 13??
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Yes, you're hyper.
it was Gogeta Jr. draft, not mine. maybe you should look at the comic... link at the group on the right.
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wooooow amazing
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*w*... just love it! :+favlove: ... the perfect saiyan world indeed XD
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The good awesomeness of the saiyan warriors and the most proud prince vegeta.

nice colors friend
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Great job! I love this piece so much, and the excellent coloring job you did makes it even more epic.
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Awesomely Legendary!!!
I wonder if their Goku is also a Super Sayain?
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yes, Kakaroth can also tgo ssj
When dose he go SSJ? I mean in their universe.
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