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This time the two Earth-benders: Bolin and Toph Beifong. Again, first time for me...
Earth, Lava and Metall... Bolins pose is taken from a Yama-tsuki from Karate- I noticed some stances of Earthbending are heavily inspired some some Kata, like Sochin and Bassai. (Which, as a Karateka, I find cool)  
I think I'm gonna make Air next. Time to study Aang! But who should I pick as his counterpart? Jinora? 

fire (Mako and Zuko):… 
Air (Aang and Jinora)…
Water (Katara and Korra)… 

Drawn in Clipstudio in ~6 hrs
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Aug 26, 2019, 11:52:48 PM
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cool que gran dibujo de toph y bolin los maestros tierra del equipo avatar  toph siempre sera mi favorita aunque debo admitir que bolin tambien es rudo  es un gran trabajo amiga te felicito mucho :D:)
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They look awesome :D
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This is so damn cute! I love it.
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Narrator: Next time on AVATAR Z!
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You can even take Tenzin himself as Aang's airbender's counterpart, I mean, father and son in the same pic showing us some life balance lol
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The son will look older than the father XD
Thais123and's avatar
Fair point there XD
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