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Saiyan Apocalypse

Drawing helps me to focus on other things that my actual life... sigh-...

WELL... this is sorta fanart for DBM... the whole idea came from :iconkaddish94: for a hypotetical special chapter about Universe 8... we don't know where it splitted up from the main Universe, but he guessed that it started from here.
Freeza destroyes planet Vegeta, but Kakaroth, Nappa, Vegeta, Raditz and Broly were still on that planet, meaning he killed ALL saiyans in once. So, no DB-Z like we know it.
I re-used the scheme from my cover of Universe 17 [link] (This was also Kaddish's idea) for this. It took me so long because, well... life. CU

lineart here: [link]

Dragonball (C) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir (story) and Gogeta Jr (art) [link]
GIMP 2.6.11 in 10h
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cool que gran dibujo de la pelicula de dragon ball z el padre de goku es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho amiga es un gran trabajo:D :)

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thanks to the dragon ball fans dragon ball came back to anime!
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Ciao! I suoi disegni sono meravigliosi! Dal momento che ti piace Dragon Ball e Saint Seiya, posso dare un suggerimento di arte? Cosa ne pensi di disegnare Goku con Ophiuchus Gold Cloth? Sarebbe un mix molto interessante. E per ottenere ancora di più fresco, si potrebbe incorporare le 7 Dragon Balls in Gold Cloth(come in fanart che ho postato qui di seguito). Molto grato per l'attenzione e sarebbe sperando in considerazione il mio suggerimento. Grande abbraccio!

Ophiuchus Gold Saint…


Goku FOFO…

Kamui Shenlong Goku…
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"See?! Look, Dodoria, Zarbon! Look at the fireworks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
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would you sell this piece? =) or do like a limited edition print? its gorgeous art.
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Either the dbm chapter cover was based from this -- I can't remember which chapter or universe number it covered; I do know it was the universe Cell came from -- or you liked it so much that you tried to purposely copy it as much as you could with the exception of the characters used. Otherwise everything else about it is exactly the same.

Not to say it's bad. It's just so similar to the cover it almost bothers me outright. Why doesn't it completely bug me? Easy, I can't draw THAT good. Xp
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Wow beautiful work, poor Bardock
Azrael-Luchador's avatar
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Wow, this is so beyond stellar :)
Phenomenal work XD
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Oh dear, Freeza's face.

"Oy, wanna see a magic trick? Gonna make some assholes disappear."
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i remenber the first time i watched this movie i cried like hell when Bardock dies
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Yeah i know that feel broPetting is sensual! , but we got Dragon Balls right?
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Yeah, but why no Bardock cameo, Toriyama? If Grandpa Gohan can come back from the dead for a day, why can't Goku and Bardock share some father-son moments?
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Absolutely marvellous. Well done!!
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Wait,the one right next to Goku is Vegeta or Tarble?
Crisis-Comics's avatar
Neither. That's Baby Broly.
PineApple-Hut's avatar
What about Tarble?? :0
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I LOVE Frieza's face! It's just priceless :XD:
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Wow.... Wow.... Wow.
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"Oh my! This is stupendous! Wow! What a great show! Unbelieveable! Look at that!" -Frieza as he witnesses Planet Vegeta's destruction
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