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Out of my way

...uh... better than the usual "Avatar state" for title, right? 

aaaanyway. Some badass Korra on the charge. Strange enough, the part i like the moste here is the waterstream... dunno why XD
Yeah, some DBZ-Feeling again... shocking news! 

Kora (c) Nickelodean and the creators
made with ClipStudio EX in 3h
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May 3, 2020, 8:03:52 PM
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The water is awesome!love the pose ad everything!!

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Shouto Todoroki: Finally, a worthy opponent. OUR BATTLE SHALL BE LEGENDARY!!!

Seriously, though. This. Is. AMAZING! And I don't even watch Korra! You always manage to surprise me, BK! Be it Dragon Ball, or other anime, you always make something spectacular! I am a very pleased watcher, seriously! :D
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Aw, thank you! 
I try to do my best! 
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And you always succeeds! :D
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wuau que gran dibujo de korra en estado avatar es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho amiga es un gran trabajo:D:)
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bella Korra insieme a Raava! Sarebbe carino se ne facessi anche la controparte dell'avatar oscuro, ossia lo zio con Vaatu! :D
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Ultra Instinct Korra!
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More like Sign... (Immaging Korra with silver hair now... )
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If only there was a way for avatars to control more than one element out of the avatar state.
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She needs to learn to do Chibori. XD
kurai-ryuu's avatar
Or lightningbending. Hell, I even have my own headcanon for that.
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She would be OP... after learning spritit bending, metall bending and now lightning bending? 
kurai-ryuu's avatar
It's possible. Then again, lightningbending is now utilitarian and not too rare in LOK. IIRC, some power plants are fed through lightningbending (one of Mako's jobs).
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