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New Generation: DBM

By BK-81
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colored version....
i struggeled more than i thought, but in the end i got it. i know there are some errors in there, but i hope the whole pic works.
dedicated to the fanmanga "Dragonball Multiverse", it offers a nice look out foor an alternate DBZ- conutinity..
Pan looks much more "Z-like" than in GT... it can only be positive
PS: i dared to make little change: Pan is wearing an armless shirt under her Gi... when i wear my Karate-gi i wear a shirt under it... to prevent unwanted... showing ^^

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
links to Dragonball Multiverse: [link]
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this picture is an great work of art and pan is cool
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This is a great pic, though I must point out that your Pan is especially AWESOME!
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Nice one, I can't believe it. 2 people can make a better dragonball manga to take place after DBZ than one big company could ever do. That just says so much. lol. yeah, dragonball multiverse is way better than GT.
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I wish we could've seen Pan as a teenager... Cool pic.
Ok ok.. love Pan.. just awesome, hope you do alot more of her.. *nudge nudge*

GT, did fail.. cause they had Goku break a promise he made to Pan in Z promising to see her regularly.
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Alright, this is awesome! Love to see Uub getting some attention ^^
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I love Pan in this! :D Pan is much more flatchested than Bra is, so I think it's perfect. :)
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this is wicked nice job !!
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Molto bello anche questo lavoro :)
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Wow. I like the Z-fied Pan a lot! =D
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Nice! It seems like there's gonna be a new pic in the DBM fanart gallery...
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cooool! great job bk!
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oh I see the color's you edited in your picture
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genial!! *w* awesome!!
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It looks good except that Pan looks a bit on the flat side in her chest. Even accounting for the baggy gi, it should be a little noticeable somehow. In my opinion.
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Ooh nicely done! I love the poses ^^
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:worship: I love this.

Lots :D
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very good!
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