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Kamesennin Kuririn

I couldn't resist! Krilin, the turtle hermit of Universe 9. Salagir said, that Universe 9 is the most interesting among all alternate realities... i guess so.
Krilin strikes a random pose... really random. I drew the symbol in the PC. blue belt and shirt by me for the "feeling".

Hope you like it

GIMP 2.6.6 in 2h
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta jr. (art) and Salagair (story)
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Would be so cool to see that universe :)
NEJOS's avatar
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Please make more Universe 9 Krillin pictures this is amazing I love to make sigs and stuff using this :)
Phenometron's avatar
Krillin looks seriously amazing here!
kwessels's avatar
I don't know what universe 9 is but I like the idea of Kuririn becoming a Kamesennin
DiamondbangerWulf's avatar
Oddly enough Kuririn is the new Turtle Hermit in Dragon Ball Online (and Tenshinhan the new Crane Hermit)
OuroborosI's avatar
quite odd as both hermits where immortal
Naitero's avatar
XD wou increible XD
KyuubifiedHokage's avatar
Oh,man!Dragonball Miltiverse is the most epic fan comic I've ever seen :D .
Pirato's avatar
they should make it an anime
SonGoharotto's avatar
Awesome, I could totally see Kuririn inheriting the role of "Turtle Hermit" from Roshi.

Of course, given that Roshi once drank the elixir of immortality, he could outlive everybody. :laughing:
huntybounter's avatar
cool! best krillin pic ever!
SouthernDesigner's avatar
Ahh man this is so rocking my mind! I love it!!!!!!!!!!
YukiOshi's avatar
Lo vedo proprio bene come successore di Muten.
Bel disegno, bella posa, bella espressione.

Ma Muten dov'è? Non dirmi che è...
BK-81's avatar
non si sa. spero che nel capitolo attuale (il settimo) si vien a sapere qualcosa su questo universo.
YukiOshi's avatar
Ah, ok.
Spero non gli sia successo niente di terribile... Anche se... alla sua età... ci sarebbe da aspettarselo... :roll:
DeDication's avatar
this is sooo ill!!!! :)
fighterxaos's avatar
That has to be coolest Kuririn ever! I really, really can't wait to see him in action in DBM!
Edgar-Chan's avatar
Is Krilling stronger than master roshi?
StarbearerTM's avatar
This looks great! Love the addition of the Kame Sennen mark in the background.
OuroborosI's avatar
i love that the beard is hiding his smirk somewhat.
d-latt's avatar
:icongreatjobplz: very cool work
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