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I colored my old lineart about Pan from Universe 16, a OC (sort of) of the fanmanga "Dragon Ball Multiverse". And yes, this Pan can go SSj, but it wasn't enough in her fight... sigh....

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir (story) and Gogeta Jr. (art) [link]

GIMp 2.6.7 in 4,5h
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You know, now that GT has been retconned, we might actually get this down the road ^^
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every pan as a ssj looks hot (no pedo)
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jamerson1Student Digital Artist
Pan Looks Pretty :D (Big Grin)  
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ArcainiansHobbyist Digital Artist
wats with her left arm
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gorgonater12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thats not pans take a closer look ;)
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gohanstrifeHobbyist Digital Artist
I think you did a great job with this picture. At first, I thought there was something wrong with it, and after staring at it after a while, I finally realized what it was; the SSJ background Pan's right arm is a bit... off. I'm sure if you took the front Pan out, it would look fine, but if you look away from the picture, then look back, it looks like SSJ Pan's right arm is normal Pan's right arm, and it just throws the entire picture off. Somehow separating the two forms, like making the background black and white, would make the front Pan stand out a bit more and separate the two. Still, I think you did a great job in shading both of them, so I wouldn't want to take away from that. Maybe by making the background a bit of a darker shade, it would help to separate the two. I notice now that you shadow the front Pan's right side a bit to help separate it and make her appear to be standing a bit at an angle, but like I said, at a first glance, that right arm just throws everything off.

Nevertheless, it's an awesome picture and one of my favorites for Pan!
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nice work[link] which i can draw like that..keep up the good work...long live dbz and dbgt without forgetting, even if is fiction, db multiverse [link]
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love your work with dbm....awesome pic with pan
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Hahah. Awesome! It's like you took my request for more Pan stuff to heart! I love it! ^_^
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Pan is really strong. And now she is a super saiyen.^^
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and for this I have to say I like their new outfits looks good on them
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Now that you say it I see that the hand is from SS Pan. I was about to point out the hand thing myself. It's just so close it looks like it's normal Pans.
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amozofartHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice drawing but you made the right hand a little to big.
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BK-81Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't knwo waht you guys have, you're already the 3rd here to say that. let me quote what moopoopower said:

"if you close up on it, i think its actually the ssj pan hand. Normal pan has only her left hand up."
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Awsome awsome work herwe =D
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MizakiShidouHobbyist Digital Artist
nice colouring, u 16 Pan was one of my favorite characters from DBM, but I think that her death help the story to gain more profoundity and drama. I really like your lineart and colouring :)
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pan + death = error error
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YukiOshiHobbyist Digital Artist
Pannuccia SuperSaiyan!
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BK-81Hobbyist Digital Artist
eh si... ma te hai avuto il tempo per leggere DBM? Ti conviene darci un occhiata...
YukiOshi's avatar
YukiOshiHobbyist Digital Artist
Infatti gli ho dato un'occhiata :dance: . Ora mi si apre! Ho messo l'adsl! L'ho salvato tra i preferiti, piano piano me lo guarderò per bene.
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BK-81Hobbyist Digital Artist
complimenti per l'ADSL! Ti sei evoluta... XD
YukiOshi's avatar
YukiOshiHobbyist Digital Artist
Sì... Ho dovuto farlo, anche se all'inizio l'idea non mi andava proprio. Temevo che sarebbe stata una cosa lunga, lenta e dolorosa. Invece me l'hanno allacciata in solo 2 settimane ed ha funzionato bene fin da subito. Siccome odio la tecnologia, ero SICURA che non avrebbe funzionato.
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CaramejaHobbyist General Artist
its awesome done!:)
I founded a bit sad when pan died..
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BK-81Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me too... But against Bojack... she had bad luck.
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