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Gast Carcohl and Piccolo DBM

Finally colored!

Piccolo isn't that "piccolo" in reality (piccolo in italian means "little"), but here he seems just a kid against the "Namek" from Universe 7 (now nows as Gast Carcohl). Knowing that Piccolo is around 2.07m tall, Namek must be at least 2,70m. That's the height of the tallest human ever (see the Guiness book of records)!
Anyway. The Namek was strong enough to defeat a fighter like Freezer easely (told by Salagir), and I'm sure he trained a lot since then. Somebody who wasn't impressed by Brolys and Vegttos power. Amazing... I'd like to see him in action!

Coloor sceme taken from an official coloration by Faye. The BG is also taken directly from a colored page.

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta Jr. (art) and Salagir (story)
GIMP 2.6.7 in 4h
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Gasty Stu è il migliore!
Piccolo has the weirdest boner right now...e non ha nemmeno l'organo riproduttivo per avercela.
Mage-Madisaur's avatar
XD I love Piccolo's face.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Jeah, funny indeed :XD: =)
spiritdetective2010's avatar
Awsome job. And I like multiverse.
kaialone's avatar
Piccolo is actully 2.23 m O_O
Wolverine51's avatar
Wow. It must be really humiliating for Piccolo to have to stand next to that guy.
He'd actually make a good canon character. He'd make a solid villain or an anti-hero.

Of course I bet that in the hands of those DBZ writers they would've made him the next Lord Slug *gags*
JJJawor's avatar
I admit that I think Piccolo's mouth is too low from the nose yet nevertheless the shading and colors are sweet and bright. Good one !
BK-81's avatar
I think that this expression should show Piccolos uneasyness, standing near of such a gigant. He was used to be the tallest of the gang...
SchattenLotus's avatar
You made a "Halo-Spartan-Namek" :lol: =P :XD:
Mahara-Fushiki's avatar
Piccolo's what? 7 Feet tall already, so what does that make the super Namek, 10 feet?!?!?!?

He could hold My OC; Roxanne like a Toddler :O_o:
Alteser23's avatar
Well he is every Namekian put into one form. Awesome how he stopped Broly's attack with a swift gesture
VegetaDaimoh's avatar
p.s. Piccolo's face is hilarious!
VegetaDaimoh's avatar
that would be so awesome to see him in action. but of course the authors are going to make a saiyan win...
Cyclonus2's avatar
I just talked about him.
Edgar-Chan's avatar
That must be a super namek next to picolo
Cyclonus2's avatar
Yes.I'd like to see this Super Namek in action too! But the authors of comics seem crazy fans of Sayans. You'd think except sayans other races in DB Universe does not exist.
YukiOshi's avatar
AMMAZZA QUANTO E' ALTO! Ci credo che Piccolo ha quella faccia!
Carameja's avatar
It stays Awesome!:D
And still "The Namek" Still freaks me out how Huuuge he is!
He is even taller than Piccolo! O__O"
But still..

RedWingsDragon's avatar
I agree I'd love to see The Namek in the comic. Awesome work here
ElfMaster64's avatar
lmao poor piccolo!
freeza-frost's avatar
great colouring bk!

and great bg too!~
RoganX's avatar
LOL! Love Piccolo's face! Keep up the good work!
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