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DBM versus: Zangya Vs Bra

Dragonball Multiverse: Zangya (Universe 6) versus Bra (Universe 16)
Argh, I lost my patience with this. This one is the 6th (!) take on this fight cover. When I learned the new pairing, I immediatly thought: "Shit. Two girls...!" I suck at drawing girls, but I try to improve... one day... ^^;
Well... the title of the chapter ("The taste of revenge") says it all. Will Bra be able to contain her temper and NOT kill Zangya? Will Zangy be able to resist more than 10 seconds? We will find out, stay tuned!!! XD

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama & Toei
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta Jr (art) and Salagir (story) [link]
GIMP 2.6.11 in 5h (for this take only- if you count the failed versions.... at least the triple)
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aaaand it all ended saitama style.... in ONE PUNCH.
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That stupid whore Bra or Bulla I don't fuckin care what's she's called but she killed my 4th side ho Zangya (Turns SSJ4) I don't do women violence but I'll fuck her up.
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Zangya... :cries:

Good night sweet princess.
BH-Ouji's avatar
Whaaaaaaaaaa? She mentioned Pan's death! She's a cunt!
bra solos in base form but it seems vegetto is gonna tell her to either finish it quickly or hold back. or at least dont kill zangya just to avenge pan as bojack doesnt care about zangya and zangya had no role in pans death.
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Nice one, the girls looks pretty cool ;)
BK-81's avatar
When you say it... I'll believe you. ^^
Kaddish94's avatar
Che tempestività!!!!!
Non ti ho neanke dovuto kiedere quando l'avresti fatta!!! XD
BK-81's avatar
Ahahaha! Per una volta...!
No, sapevo da 10 gg di questo scontro, e ci ho messo molto tempo per gli schizzi, non mi venivano come volevo. Anzi, neanche questo é 100%, ma mi sono stufata. Che gli errori d'anatomia mi vengano perdonati...^^;
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Bra è cresciuta!!! E mena le mani!!! Che bella!
BK-81's avatar
Quando s'arrabbia sono guai elevati alla 10a...
Asclepios91's avatar
The true question is will Bra be able to keep Zangya alive if she gave up ?
GoddessMynnie's avatar
Oh gawd, Bra cannot wait look on the expression on her face. LOL.
freeza-frost's avatar
sweeet! love these 2!

love bra's clothes!
Zi-Dawg's avatar
The first good match up in a while....jeez this comic has disappointed over the past couple months...hopefully this fight will be worth the watch, but I feel as if it's just going to be Bra showing off :/

Nice artwork btw...great coloring as usual
DragonBallZPrincess's avatar
beautiful picture! :deviation:

That's gonna be an awesome fight.
I am almost the exact opposite of you, I can't draw guys very well.
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Gotta root for Zangya. :) Of course I had to get my own spin on this...


RYOGAXP-CHAN98's avatar
Who knew Bra could fight?
BK-81's avatar
THIS Bra can... hell yeah. She's the daughter of Vegetto...
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