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DBM versus Vegeta vs Vegeta

10th fight: King Vegeta (10) vs Vegeta (18)

there's no error, our Vegeta is facing himself! In the universe of the primitive saiyans he is now the King, arrogant as ever and very proud of his title (as ever)
King Vegeta sees only a tailless looser in his alter-ego, but our Vegeta doesn't even count this fight as a warm-up. even as an Horazu there is not real battle....

Winner: of course our Vegeta

from page 87 till 92

Dragonball Multiverse is by Gogeta jr and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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I meant goatee hehe ^^'
BH-Ouji's avatar
Um Vegeta dying his hair brown is one thing, but why the hell U10 Vegeta dyed his hair?
I read this. That fight was hilarious!!!!! Talk about one-sided...
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Molto bello come sempre ^_^
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vegeta against vegeta cool, that will be one interesting fight.:excited:
PapaskleinerLiebling's avatar
The fight was so funny!! :rofl:
Vegeta against Vegeta. I think we really have to bow down to the Multiverse authors, making this "real".

I think I am repeating myself, when I am saying I love your work and it looks so cool (hope it isn't too boring for you to hear)
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ach was! Hört man immer gern *grinz*
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Oh yeah 8D
Definitely lovin' this :3
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Very sweet job.

Favorite fight so in the story along with Recoom vs. Nail
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The match made in Hell, eh? This match-up happens in my fic as well, but with somewhat different attitudes...KV isn't quite as bad of an attitude about it, but PV knows he'll wipe the floor with his old man. :lol:
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nono, it's Vegeta himself! not his daddy...
IslandheartStudio's avatar
LOL! Nice. That rawks even more. :XD:
freeza-frost's avatar
sweet! love KV!!!
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Vegita vs Vegita...are you ready!?
ElfMaster64's avatar
V: I'm the Prince of all Sayans!
KV: I'm the King of all Sayans!
Goku: I just don't see how they're related....
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