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DBM versus: Uub Vs Tidar

7th fight: Tidar (19) vs Uub (18)

Tidar is another OC of Dragonball Multiverse, so little is known about him. He is not able to use Ki, but fights with tecnological weapons such as rockets, blades, guns. But he is phisically strong, is armour weights more han a ton, so i guess he's stronger than a primitive saiyan. Uub understimates him and this almost ended badly...
But if he's a human is not sure, even Salagir didn't tell me that. (well, he told me nothing) Maybe, maybe not.

winner is Uub, but only with great effort.

from pages 62 till 68

site: [link]

i guess i skipped a bit into Saint Seiya with Tidars armour, i stopped before making a complete cloth out of it... (his boss looks like a Saint, though- like the Steel saints)^^

Dragonball Multiverse is by Gogeta jr. and Salagir
Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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As near as I can figure Tidar must be a Tuffle...... Theroy at least.
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i don't thinks so... for a Tuffle (really they are called like that? i recall them Tsufuru... boh...) he's just too tall. they are only 1,20m tall, Tidar is has almost 2m...
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one of the best fights so far
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C'mon, BK! You KNOW you want this!! Make a SS vs DBZ crossover already!!!
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niiiice! uub rules!
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Oh my god ! Buu kill Tidar !

You Bastard !

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