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DBM versus: Trunks vs Cooler

9th fight of DBM: Trunks (12) vs Cooler (8)

first of all, this is Mirai Trunks, the one we all know and love! h is a bit more than 10 years older than the last time we've seen him, together with a Mirai C16 he joined the tournament.
his speech before facing Cooler was epic "You are the only one of your family that i didn't kill!"

the fight was quite one-sided, even if Cooler transformed, Trunks as Ssj was still way too strong.

From page 82 'til 87 (chapter 4)

Dragonball multiverse is by Gogeta jr and salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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Trunk: You're the only one in your family...that I didn't kill.

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Q .Q Trunks... my Love Triscuit...
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Cooler: Do you know why I want to know how you defeat my brother?
Trunks: Why?
Cooler: Because I'm a prick!
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They both look great, although I think the shading on Trunks went a bit overboard. His right arm looks a bit strange too, maybe it's the clothing folds.
Really original though, they both look awesome
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wong this trunks is the one we all no who cna go ussj gohan ask him fi he the trunks they he said yes so this turnks qoo rip cooler part in jsut ssj rember ssj trunks beat android 1 7 and 18 who are sotrnger then coler
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Final Form Cooler would destroy Future Trunks as he is stronger than Namek SSJ Goku who is = SSJ Future Trunks.

Cooler's Supernova ftw
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cool! hope coola wins! :)
BK-81's avatar
nope, he looses... badly
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Still nice, thanks for making those "match title cards" ^^
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Oh, what a fun battle! Good to Trunks for finishing the job. :heart:
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GOOO TRUNKS!!!!! Beat the Common cole family!!! How is it that Cooler is SOOOO MUUUUCH stronger then the rest of the family? I mean Goku and Vegita didn't stand a chance both in SS but Trunks killed Reeza and King Col in SECONDS!!!!
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Future Trunks looks great ! Excellent work ! The proportions and colors are properly.
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
Oh yeah, totally badass 8D
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w00t! Mirai no Trunks FTW!
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