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DBM versus: Tapion vs Caracoru

Finally i got it, even if that cannot be called a "fight" XD
But remember Freezer Vs Jeeth? Yeah, something like that.

Caracoru belongs to Universe 10, which had declared forfeit as a whole long before this fight. So the identity of Caracoru is unknown. I asked Salagir and he told me that for him it doesn't matter if I make up a random Namek or just let it be. I tried to respect his will and put him in the shadows. i mean, if the author didn't want to show him, i cannot force it. (IMHO) The name comes from the spanish word for snail, so told me the author.
So Tapion (Universe 3) wins without fighting and will face the winner of Crilin Vs Sauzer in the next match.

Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir (story) and Gogeta jr. (drawing)

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
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Hi, BK-81.
My name is SteF, and I am a French reader of Dragon Ball Multiverse. I discovered your drawings on the site of DBM, and I must say they are really impressive! That's why I allow me to ask you something.

I write a story of super-hero for some years, but I don't know absolutely drawn. So I search some artist with different style. And you have a manga-style! ^^
Would it be possible that you make me a drawing representing my hero?
I know that my request is a bit filled, because we don't know each other. But I can try...

If you are interested (or only to know about it more), you can contact me with my mail (
By hoping for an answer, I wish you good continuance (and I wait your next drawings of DBM with impatience ^^)!

And sorry for my english, like more of french guy, I don't speak english very well. ^^

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I remember that part. I'm interested to see what Salagir and Gogeta Jr. do with Tapion. He's one of the cooler movie characters in my opinion. :)
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woow amazing work there ^^
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Nice job.

If I remember correctly the universe with all the Namek and Saiyajin who forfeited is universe 10.
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yeah, my fault. I guess i got confused with the next fight...
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Yeah, next fight looks to be pretty interesting to say the least ^_^
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Ah, job well done on drawing this image ^w^ Too bad Caracoru forfeited, but hey! Some of the fights just have to end this way, otherwise, it would take forever.
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