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DBM versus:SKaiohshin vsBurter

(argh, title limitation)
i jumped over one match, but i will make it when i got some indications from the author.
Here we have the Southern Kaiohshin (1) vs Burther/Baarta (8), both are smiling, one becuse he BELIEVES he's the winner, the other one KNOWS he's the winner. guess who.
its was a fast fight to, from page 50 to page 51 1/2.

Dragonball multiverse is by Gogeta jr and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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looks great but the South Kaioshin color are Wrong here
[link] and here [link]
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now i see the other (im look like a idiot rigth now -.-)
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AWSOME work!! I put thpe site on my favorites so I can reads =3
MimicZeThird's avatar
Once again a great Fight cover. But yes, Burter has red eyes : [link]
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yeah, you're right. i'll correct it...
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Cool cover all that up to now the comic and hope see more pages of the comic page ^ ^
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Awesome work =3 but didnt Burter have red eyes?
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I always feel sorry for Burter he never can show how fast he really his (well instead of the budakai games)

Butter is probably one of my top 10 flavoured db characters so don't mind me if i fave.
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sweeet! :) love baata!
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E' la prima volta che vedo in DA Southern Kaiohshin!!!! E' troppo un grande!
Ti sono venuti entrambi MUCHO bene!
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Looks great. :) You doing Kakarot Vs. Kat too, right?
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