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DBM versus: Pan vs Bojack

finally the next fight! Pan (16) Versus Bojack (6)!

This is not our Pan, but the one from Universe 16 who has Vegeth instead of Goku and Vegeta. We don't know how similar she is to our one or if she has some surprises hidden. well, we will see. She has to, if not, Bojack will crush her...

from page 125 until 134 with death of the young saiyaness... outch...

Dragonball Multiverse is by Gogeta Jr and salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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This fight was shocking.
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Blowjack is confined, let's see how he hadle Pan uber mystic powers :D
Psycho333's avatar
I saw how it ended too =D and I loved it ((lol neck go snappy =D ))
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Nice pic, but... I don't like the colours of this Pan, sorry (instead Salagir and Gogeta Jr. decides there are, I don't like it) :S
Edgar-Chan's avatar
every when do gogeta jr. and salagir update a new comic page in dragonball-multiverse
a1v2r3's avatar
All your covers are awesome!!
I'm waiting for this match, I want to see if this Pan is very strong xD
And... I have one question: These are the real colors for Pan's clothes?
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well... as far as Gogeta jr and Salagir hadn't decided yet... they told me they like this colors...
we'll see... they already took some of my colors for good.
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Hey I really like dragonball-multiverse I was able to read the comics in spanish and I am thanking you for posting in all of your manga covers the link to the page
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Ed ecco il mio ex compagno di liceo (Bojack. Era soprannominato così, e Dragon Ball ancora non esisteva :XD: ) contro Pan.
Venuti bene entrambi, sprattutto il mio ex compagno, che è più bello dell'originale.
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Looks like she's wearing some kind of gold watch. Made me laugh :D
freeza-frost's avatar
sweet! hope pan wins! ^^

looks like cell won the last fight! n_n
emptiness's avatar
Pretty good job. I think if Boj had pointier teeth, he'd be a vampire.
Korzi's avatar
Somalian Pirate He ! :D
Ukog's avatar
you draw this in 1h? O_O
BK-81's avatar
nono XD

Salagir had told me a few days ago about this. He's in hurry because of the preparations for the Japan Expo and wanted me to finish it until monday.
Ukog's avatar
owwwww i understand. Thanks for information;)
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Argh, he be Bojack...the pirate!! :p
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I think you have made Pan's arm look a bit too long, the left one. But aside of that, I think the pic looks epic o 3 o
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