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DBM versus: Pan vs Bardock

DBM versus: Pan (18) facing Bardack (10)

the most controversial fight 'til now!!!

one thing first;: this is NOT the Bardack who fought against Freezer, he belongs to the universe of the primitive saiyans. so his power level would be lower than the original one. if he gets 5.000 i'm already generous.
the authors of DBM surely wanted to show that their Pan is different from GT and gave her him as opponent to show her skills.
Too bad that most of the readers wanted Bardock to win because they hated Pan from the beginning.... their dissapointment was huge. (in fact, Pan toyed with him... 3 hits and the gave up) the fight could have been less onesided...

but i mean: you can hate a character, but don't deny the facts. Pan is only 1/4 saiyan, but the daughter of Gohan (still Mystic!) and the granddaughter of Goku and she had trained 10 years with them! and nontheless she should loose to someone with a PL of under 10.000? c'mon.
sorry for the burstout... you have to get this view, if you want to enjoy this fight...

so the outcoming was clear. Pan won.

from page 93- 95. (ending of chapter 4)
Dragonball multiverse is by Gogeta jr and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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Two reasons Pan would win:
1) Bardock lost to Frieza. Pan (in GT) beat Android 20 (Gero's android body). Android 20 was stronger than Frieza. Therefor, Pan is stronger than Frieza.
2) There's a likelyhood that she inhereted that mystic powerup Gohan got.
I actually think that she did inherit gohan's mystic power, explaining why she isnt a super saiyan by now... she doesnt need it
1. bardock didnt lose just to freeza. he lost to DODORIA.
2. yes and pan also beat guys like ocean shenron and one of the sigma force. plus this is dbm pan whos even stronger.
Yeah, though I'm not a fan of DBM Pan, due to it taking Generation Xerox to a new level.
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I don't think I'd laughed so hard at a DB fight (canon or fanmade) as Pan beating Bardock. Poor man had tears in his eyes, and Pan's all "what? Already?"! :rofl:
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Two reasons why Bardock would win. (One reason is canon, and the other breaks the fourth wall.)

1. Bardock is insanely strong. And hell, Pan's ONLY 1/4 Saiyan... so she's screwed that way.

2. Pan made GT = EPIC PHAIL (With a ph, bitch.)

This is obviously true, and I bullshit you not.
1. no bardock is pretty pathetic, power wise. he lost to DODORIA. the scientists admit hes weaker than KING VEGETA. pan having less saiyan blood is actually an advantage. plus shes trained in the turtle style by goku. she stomped android 20 in gt, plus a few other "weak" villains.
2. nope, personal bias does not weaken pans power.
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This was long ago when I was less experienced and stupid. How you stumbled upon it makes me nostalgic in some way and wanting to beat my former self with a stick~ *u*
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Then I give you the reasons why your reasons don't work here. ^^
We talk about Multiverse here, not Z.

1: THIS Bardock is not that strong. At the most some thousands. Remember that this is not OUR Bardock, but from Universe 10? So he would be screwed even against warriors like saiyan saga Goku; and we are talking about a trained disciple of an After-Buu-Goku!

2: GT doesn't count here, Pan has a complete different story and personality. So, this point doesn't work from the beginning.

3: Different from GT this Pan has trained more than 10 years with Goku, Uub and the others... don't tell me that THIS is insignificant...
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:D Yay for confusion! But according to Dragon Ball Wiki, Bardock's power level was just an inch away from Broly's... D: (10,000)
no bardock was stated as BELOW 10 000.
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Yeah, his power level is. I didn't say it was ABOVE 10,000, only close to it, but yes, certainly below it.
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well... Broly had 10.000 at BIRTH... Bardack as an adult and already experienced warrior. That's quite a difference. But that Bardack doesn't appear in DBM...
yes he does. read the new chappie
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Pft, all I'm trying to prove is that he's my fav character. :3
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I like him too... but... in this case...
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Adoro Bardak "primitivo"!!!
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lol. I love Bardock!
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Character-wise I also like Bardok more than Pan, but she definitely belongs to a different power league…
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To be honest. I liked the Pan at the end of DBZ, she was cute and yes, she was strong. So I think, it was a fair fight.
I like both their expression. Her grin and his eyes, which reminds me so much of Goku. ^^
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They didn't even give her super saiyan but they gave it to goku and vegeta jr who are only 1/16 saiyan. really!? I mean comon! she kinda sucked. Also as a dbz/db fan I regard gt as having never been made.
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