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DBM versus: Nappa Vs. Cargot

new idea, maybe i'm crazy. sort of cover of each fight in DBM. the DBM versus series
so, 1st round 1st fight; Nappa (13) vs Cargot (10)
from page 37 till 41 (including)
winner is Nappa by far

Dragonball multiverse by Gogeta jr. and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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Nappa: YAAAAY!!! This is the best place I ever visit because I'm going to have so much fun!!
Cargot: Oh god this guy is an idiot...
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My money is on Cargot
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I think it's a great idea ...

I wonder how you'll draw a cover to Kakarotto vs Kat .

Maybe try fusing a proud and yet evil-ish pose in Kakarott and a sweet and sexy elements in Kat (that chick is really hot ! - a typical male reaction from me BTW).
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I enjoyed reading the comic! Great job btw!
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great colours n that! :D is there a page with info on the manga? is the manga online?
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look at the comment and use the link... it's an online- comic
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Nice work here, can't wait to see the others.
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Oh, Cargo (Cargot) is so underused! I love this - what a unique idea and great image! :heart:
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To be honest, I don't know who Cargot shame on me.
BUT your work is so awesome. The fierce eyes from Cargot looking at Nappa. Great!
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cargo is dende's little brother he is the one that was killed by frieza, in fact all of the namekian's of that planet are siblings they are all brothers that's why they all look similar.
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Cargot is the little Namek that get killed by Frieza, just before Gohan saved Dende. Here he is just older ;)
PapaskleinerLiebling's avatar

Thank you! You know all the Namekians seem the same to me. *laugh*
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
Oh yeah, awesomely done : D
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