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DBM versus: Nail Vs Recoom

8th fight of Dragon Ball Multiverse: Nail (10) vs Recoom (8)

this was one of the thoughest and hardest fights 'til now, both are almost at an equal power level. at the end Nail won because of this special namekkian abilities.

seen in page 71 - 81 (chapter 4)

Dragonball Multiverse is by Gogeta jr and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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I'm voting for Nail! This looks really cool
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Avrei detto che vinceva Recoom, ma io mi baso sul videogioco... ;)
A Recoom gli avrei fatto la testa più allungata, ma se questa è la tua versione va bene. :)
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te lo ripeto: facci un saltino! se leggi 10 pagine al girno sei up-to-date in 2 settimane! XD
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No, please, internet troppo lento... :( E' proprio uno strumento che non mi piace, quindi non mi interessa nemmeno tentare di sistemare il problema. Mi piace solo DA, quindi lo velocizzerò solo quando non riuscirò più a usare DA.
Ma grazie di nuovo per l'invito.
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shweeet! love this!
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Take him out Nail!
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:rofl: u say take him out but you got a sayan as an avatar! :rofl: least u didn't say :take the sayan out Nail!" :rofl:
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Recoome isn't a Saiyan, silly
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Sorry thinking of Raditz...anyway to get rid of the other comment? -.-
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I ALWAYS get those 2 confused...and I'm such a nerd for DBZ I don't know y...and it's not like the case with Piccolo and Picon...who sound and look lil same...I NVR get those confused...course Piccolo is my 2nd fav...w/e I need to get over it now
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Well I must admit an unusual mix up. I would think the more common misconception would be between Recoome and Android 16
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Nope nvr get those two mixed up.
It's just the name it's not like I see one and get them mix I hear Racoome and I think Raditz....
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Very good.

I like the comic too. Love how it turned out lol. Good job.
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Very epic looking :clap: I like how you did this =)
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