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DBM versus: Mary Sue Vs Arale

Mary Sue (Universe 2) vs Arale Norimaki (Universe 2)
Finally done!!!! Man, I'm relived... this kept me thinking since the fight started; how it present such a joke character who was present for what... 3 pages? I hope everybody knows what/who a Mary Sue is...

Anyway. I guess, since Mary has mastered every single martial art of her home planet Orion, being related to King Vegeta, Broly and Vegeta, and Bulma, fused with her alter ego from the future and so on... (look at her presentation here: [link] )she's is quite an expert nontheless. That's why of the pose. As a perfect character as she is she doesn't fight just for fun, but because she has to for a higher purpose. Hence he sligtly bitter, but expecting smile.
The hair color was approved by Salagir, I had asked him of green-blue was OK, and he agreed.
I guess every fan of Toriyama knows Arale-chan... ^^
At the end o fthe fight I seriously laughed. PWNED!!!

Dragonball and Arale are (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta JR (art) and Salagir (story)[link]
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Man, I read over 300 pages JUST to see Arale fight... I was both disappointed and not disappointed at the same time.
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Arale is going to win the tournament. I feel like that the one thing that is certain.
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I am going to say it but Arale is a Toon Forcer. :3
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ewee ewee ewe, muscular women. lol jk jk
Squibley's avatar
Arale is fighting a Mary Sue that actually is a Mary Sue!..
I don't see why I didn't get this at first..
SuperNormalMan's avatar
I'm actually kinda pissed that neither The Hero (Dragon Quest 8) nor Crono got any fight scenes.
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thats no Mary Sue, she's Fugly
JayZeroSnake's avatar
Arale Still wins.
HunterX1234567890's avatar
i made a plz account for arale:iconaraleplz:
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i got 100,000,000,000,000,000 zeni on arale.
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A Mary Sue will never beat an original character like Arale. The whole fight was awesome!
Great works, I am loving your gallery!
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I laught so much when I saw "Mary Sue"! That was really great idea to use on the doujinshi!!

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This is AWESOME nice work gild lmao ;p
Edgar-Chan's avatar
So brilliant Mary Sue appears like
DeMorien's avatar
When I saw her I thought "WTF, she does not appear in Dr. Slump"
When I read her name I laughed.
Then I came to the description *faint*

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Che bella Mary Sue!
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The fight was enjoyable but the main flaw was that the bra story that followed was a joke story so both didn't have a great impact if you ask me.
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Agreed. I wonder what's coming next (after the 2 filler pages next week)
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cuuute! arale rocks! and mary's sexy!
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Heh heh, that was one of the best moments in the comic period.
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Sorry thought u wer BK-81
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