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DBM versus: Krilin Vs Sauzer

finally i can post it: Sauzer (Universe 8) facing Krilin from Universe 9. And what a surprise! Krilin is the new Kamesennin! i find ths idea very nice... and i guess the fight will be very entertaining.

Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta jr. (art) and Salagir (story)
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
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the blond guy looks hot
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Ironic that Krillin went 10 years without any hair on the show and then grew a 'tash.
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It is kind of funny to him that way
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Salza is one of my top 20 favorites. Are Zarbon and Dodoria in one of the universes to this pertaining multiverse, because they are my most favorite characters in the universe.
My bet is on Krillin as he fights in the past with skill instead of power and as a old man he would have more moves.
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Ah, yeah that Kuririn really has me interested. I bet he's really powerful and I'd love to see just how powerful he is. I mean the turtle shell is kachin! I wonder how he got it... :-?

Great job yet again. :)
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Nice, nice. But i think he could have white beard :)
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Ahia. Krilin. Ahia. Ok che è uno dei terrestri più forti, ma... ahia...
Comunque l'hai disegnato benissimo! Anziano rende molto bene!
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Finora se la cava benissimo... anzi, mi sa che Sauzer fa una brutta fine! XD
Gogeta jr. lo ha disegnato più vecchio che nel GT, anche se dovrebbe avere gli stessi anni (ovvero 60 circa) Ho cercato di farlo più giovane (si fa per dire), cioè non con i apelli tutti bianchi... Boh... magari é una cosa voluta...
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In effetti non so "quantificare" la forza di Sauzer, non so se è più forte di un allievo di Muten.

A 60'anni si possono già avere tutti i capelli bianchi (come mio papà;), a dargli l'aspetto "più anziano" sono i baffoni lunghi...
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Yeah, should be a great and wacky fight!
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wow! kuririn got ooold!

great pic! :)
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he looks 20 years older after goku left with the dragon after gt
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nice, i like old man krillin.
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Wewt, lovin' the image =3
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