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DBM versus: Kat vs Kakaroth

Kakaroth (13) vs. Kat (6)!

Kat is another OC of DBM, and again we know only few things about her. She's from the same universe as Bojack and co, so it's a bit strange that they can live together with them without being killed...
She seems to be a good fighter and can use her Ki quite well, but it was useless against such an senior warrior like Kakaroth. Until Kat used a special ability... that almost was fatal... for her! XD
the authors told me only to color her like a human with onyl few hints of her non-human nature. well... OK. i know that she's not 100% in DBM-style, but it came out like that. BK- style.

Kakaroth is Kakaroth, it means evil Goku who hasn't bumped his head as a child. and he is a pervert (at least his Vegeta says so)...

this was one of the most non-conventials fights and ended with Kats forfeit. read it by yourself. ^^

EDIT: i changed some colors like Salagir suggested.

from page 97 until 105


Dragonball multiverse is by Gogeta jr and salagir.
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
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Kakarotto: If you think Bojack gives a terrifying rape face, you should see mine
Kat: I...I give up!
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kat mi ce molto <3 <3
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Poor Kat, with that outfit Kakarotto will rape her
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xD hahaha this is soo Funny haha
yep.. i know it...kakarots stareing at her boobs
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lol, Kakarot the abusive pervert. Vegeta had to step in to stop him.
here's an idea for a match in DBM; U18 Vegeta vs U13 Kakarot. I want to see what would happen if Vegeta beats Goku for once. XD
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well, If Vegeta 18 wins against Future Trunks 12 and Kakaroth wins against Pan 18, we'll have it in a future round.
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bhe ora sembra in vajntaggio vegeta :)
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yeah, that would be fun to watch. I know future trunks is strong, but I think his father is on another level than him now. As for Pan 18 vs Kakarot 13, it'll be tough to tell. For now, I'm just assuming Kakarot will be as strong as U18 Goku during the Cell Games.
I loved it when Kakaroth whooped the shit out of her after trying to make him give up failed during that match. It was just awesome =).
shit thts good

wat would kat look like without the jacket
kaka would try to rip it off to see i bet
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Den Kampf habe ich soo geliebt! Anfangs dachte ich echt sie macht ihn fertig! óO
Aber dann....zum Glück

Ich muss zugeben sie sieht bei dir sogar noch einen Ticken besser aus und sexier ^^'
Ausserdem muss ich gestehen, passt Kakarott das Dunkle, das Fiese auch sehr gut

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Oh, a me Kakarotto cattivo mi piace sempre un sacco... ;)
Kat looks great. You should do a solo pic of her in your style.
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Awesome job on this!
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*giggle-snort* horny battle
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Awesome work on this :clap:
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kat's sooo hot!!! i bet kaka would try to rip off her jacket thing! hehe! y'know... knowing how he is. :giggle:
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Lei è molto bella :love:
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I liked Kat. :)

I might add her into The 18th, but I'd need to know more about her...
freeza-frost's avatar
that might be cool!

looove to see my chars in the 18th as well as dbm! n_n
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great fight great picture ^_-
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"bear my child!"
and then... "Silence! Do as i say , woman!" slap!

that was not planned... never make such jokes with a saiyan! XD
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