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DBM versus: Freezer Vs. Jeeth

second one. man, i just realized that i've never drawn Jeeth...
!st round 2nd fight: Freezer (8) Vs Jeeth/Jeice (8) Yes, they are from the same universe, the matches are made up randomly.
Freezer wins because of Jeeth's forfeit. He was clever enough to not even try to fight. One of the shortest fights anyway.
seen in Page 41 (only)

Dragonball Multiverse is by Gogeta jr and Salagir

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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I just love the "oh crap" look on Jeice's face. It's priceless.
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wouldn't you be scared shitless too
Well, yes, but I still find it funny.
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al menos jeice se salvo de una muerte horrible. dudo que freezer le hubiera perdonado la vida si pelea contra el. buen trabajo felicidades
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The names must have different spelling in the Australian shown DBZ or I'm remembering wrong.
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Freezer: "While you're here, polish my boots."

Jeeth: "Y-yes, Lord Freezer."

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Non avevi mai disegnato Jeice, eh? C'è sempre una prima volta.. ;)
Ti è venuto bene, tranqua. :)
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ci hai mai dato un'occhiatina? il link é nel commento, c'é anche la versione italiana
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Grazie per i link, ma passo, davvero, internet mi fa venire il mal di pancia.
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Freezer looks "cool"! And Jeeze...poor Jeeze to loose against his master!
Again done so amazingly!
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sweet! loove freeza n jisu! :D

so you guys call freeza 'freezer' hmm? :)
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if you call the italian, german, english, spanish (and i guess there are more) people "you"... ^^
i heard only the giapponese call him Freeza...
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French also call him Freezer.

And by the way BK-81, still nice, continue making Vs pages like that, they are good.
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hehe. well, i guess i mean the guys where you are.

an animation cel and a japanese action figure say 'freeza' on em. :)
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Battle was too fast XD!!!
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what battle? XD
RageVX's avatar
The eye to eye "battle" XD
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Well, quite impressively done here ^_^
Liking how you made the faces look so accurate owo
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