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DBM versus: Dabra vs Cell

and fight nr. 13: Dabra (11) vs. Cell (17)!

well, we know both opponents vey well. Daba is the same as usal... Cell on the other hand seems to have won against the Z-fighters before or during the Cell-games before Gohan went ssj2. But he had trained in the last 27 years, so his full power is unknown.

after 20 pages the winner is CELL!

from pages 105 - 125

Dragonball multiverse is by Salagir and Gogeta jr.

Dragonball is (c) Akira Toriyama
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That was an awesome fight! I'm glad Cell won. :-D
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that was a really good fight, it was genuinely interesting to see who would win.

in the end, i actually wanted Cell to win, just cos he's a baddie with a real attitude :headbang:

haha =D

xoxoxoxoxox this is awesome xoxoxoxoxoxox
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Wow, now that was quick .. you've reached Dabura vs Cell very fast.

Well Dabura's forehead looks weird, too wide so it should be more flat and much smaller.

As for the rest - it's OK !
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Due personaggi che mi stanno abbastanza antipatici, quindi che vinca uno o l'altro non mi importa... ;)

Venuti bene entrambi, solo a Cell avrei fatto gli occhi più piccoli e a Darbula la mano più grande.
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I want Dabura to win meanly because Cell is an annoying android. We all know he is just talk a thing he inherited from vegeta's genes.

Although watching this cell fight was far more interesting then the anime.
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I definitely place my bet on Dabura. I even vaguely recall that Goku actually comments on him in the lines of "he's not much, he's only as powerful as Cell", and that was way before the demon focused and raised his power level considerably.
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Perfect Cell is alot stronger in his universe, this fight reminds me of Ultra Super Saiyan Vegeta vs Perfect Cell.
epic fight!!!!
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Oh yeah,m so made of win :D
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sweet! great job on this!

GO CELL!!!! supposedly daubura n cell atre equal in strength. just hope that dabura doesn't spit on him.
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