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DBM versus: C18 vs Yamcha

Finally a new fight in the Multiverse tournament!!! :w00t:
And yes, fyou see rightly, it's C18 (Universe 14) Versus Yamcha (Universe 9). I had it already done for 1 month...
For all who think it will be a short and easy walk for the woman... your will be surprised... (No, I won't say one more word, don't ask me!)

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta Jr (art) and Salagir (story) [link]
GIMP 2.6.7 in 4h
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Go Yamcha, teach that cunt toaster what you're made off!
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Late response, but I love this cover page! I have to agree that I would love to see a Universe 9 special too. I want to learn more about this Yamcha and the other guys.

Awesome job! :)
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AH-18 looks rally badass. I shall fave this. Will you actually do a DBM special in the future?
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No, I won't do a speaciel. I'm more for the posters and/or colorings. Maybe a cover...
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This part is interesting, but very confusing. I can't fathom Yamcha's circumstances! D:
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Yamcha is going DOWN XD
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Cool, finally!! ^-^

18~ goo~ x3

Nice pic, nice coloring, as usal n_n
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Eighteen's pose reminds me of one of her opening stances in the Super DBZ game for the Playstation 2.
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Really? I don't have any viedogames...
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Yup. Sadly I could not find any clips or pictures on the internet to show you. If you have a Playstation 2 you might want to play it. Super DBZ is a fun, old-school arcade fighting game.
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Well it was not the intro animation but she does this pose during gameplay too: [link]
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sweet! hope 18 wims!
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Wasn't there another fight that was before this one but after the brolly/vegetto fight only neither fighter was present so it was a forfiet?
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yeah, there was XXi vs a Namek... Lucama or so. But I asked Salagir, he said that it's better for both if I jump that pairing. Two shadows in a shadow? Not appealing.
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It's like you've been waiting for this moment ... to submit it.

Good timing and I can't wait too see the "other" Yamcha in action. You've also done a astonishing job with coloring and designing a pose for Number 18. xD
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Yeah, I knew it for almost 2 months..! ^^
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Damn ... good that you work with the DBM-Team. Lucky you !
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Yamcha's lucky he's not fighting my version of Eighteen... Teena'd mop the floor with the poor guy. It'd hurt even more since Teena and Yamcha used to date for a little bit. =p
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wow spoil lol
I am going through the speed and I see your picture o_o.
I recall key but hey you had a page there dbm today (thanks) so it's not bad.
anyway I suspected that it was c18 vs??? (Tienshin or Yamcha) lol
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S-a-weet o u o
I feel like Yamcha may win this, hmmm o u o
(but I won't say more ;D)

Lovin' the image, anywho. Job well done, gotta wonder what's gonna happen.
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yes yes finnaly!

Pre Cell saga future C18 (trunks said the androids from his future where weaker then the past versions)


a more hardened warrior from a world with no god monding goku to save the day.

hack my money is on Yamcha on this one.
Unless his fear for girls are still in the genes... then ugh.
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