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DBM page 1003 coloration

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Epic pages are epic. I can almost hear Gokus deep old raspy voice saying the last part of "Kamehameha". For the whole fight please read the comic. 

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Old but still badass. :3
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I hope in the next panel he says "i still got it"
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Frieza: Just wait until I go Golden, then you'll all see
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Goku at 900 years old. Lol!
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What happen to Goku
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Frieza learned magic and he took Goku to a replica of the Frost Demons home planet. Time moves faster, Constantly sub-freezing temp, very little oxygen. three minutes on earth=30 years in that place.
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merci merci merci merci ! ^^
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Wow, great! I hope you'll color more pages from this chapter :D
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Hah, u color it, its really awesome with this old Goku, interesing fight i think D:
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Setting very Old Snake about that.
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:O It is beautifull:) I very like it :)
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Thanks! The BG was something at first... I hope it gives the "chilling" feeling. 
So you colored some pages for the next special? More interesting!  
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Yes I coloed some pages:) I hope you will like them;) 
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Beautiful coloration!!! :heart: All of DBM pages should be replaced with your coloring!!! :giggle:
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That really is epic. Awesome colors as always.
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Goku has had so many badass moments in this series. Truly the best.
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Such a great page.  Super Saiyan Old Man Goku is best.
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