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DBM Xeniloum Vs Buu

Xeniloum (Universe 19) Vs Zen Buu (I call him like that, just to differe him from the other Buus) from Universe 4.

We all know what Buu is capable off, but who is this guy? Xeniloum (read the name backwards- Who's from Europe maybe discoveres the pun) seems to be rather confident about him and the power of his armour... He's a warrior from planet Helior who were able to defeat Freezer on their own.

For the colors I got Salagirs approval; I just saw him with this colors. Dunno why. Tidar was more on the blueish side, he's on the greenish. The next one will be reddish, I guess XD I'm the only one who get's the "Saint Seiya"-feeling with those guys? I like coloring armour.
Maybe I'll post also the sketch I send Salagir for the colors... nothing special btw.

DragonBall (c) Akira Toriyama
DragonBall Multiverse by Gogeta JR (art) and Salagir (story) [link]
GIMP 2.6.11 in 5h
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witch one's gogeta jr. and witch ones salagir?
BK-81's avatar
uh... what? I don't understand the question.
BiggestDBGTfan9000's avatar
i mean witch on of those characters on the pic is gogeta jr and witch one is saligir?
BK-81's avatar
How did you get the idea that they are Gogeta Jr and Salagir in that pic? o.O
I suggest to read that comic, really. That's the best method to find anwsers.
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Too bad he got faced off with Buu in his first fight :(
Koriandr-star's avatar
you called him Zen Buu? I always assumed [link] was the one credited for coining the name 'zenbuu' maybe that's something for the DBM community to sort out given everyone is starting to coin something for someone now. Though I think DBM is starting to get out of hand in some respects in regard to cannon.

To be honest I hate the green hair, it's just being different for the sake of it, black would had suited just fine, I've only seen green hair work once on an anime character and that's kiyone from the tenchi universe series given her green hair becomes a darker teal colour looking more natural. I don't see the same extent on xen and it looks tacky, let alone having eye brows of the same colouring as well it's very tacky for someone who is meant to be highly sophisticated in science and all round serious.

The drawing for buu is ok but in relation to DBM where he dosen't show such an evil intent his pose dosen't entirely suit the nature of his character in the chapter.
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Zen-Buu, Ultra- Buu, Universal Buu, Super-Mega-ultra-Buu.... There are so many names for him that it's not even funny. But it's important to differ him from the other Buus, that it's a fact you cannot deny. As long as the name U4-Buu isn't used as much, sadly...

Personally I like the greenish hair. Deal with it. XD With the black hair he looks too much like Goten in Gt. What has his tecnical enviroment have to do with the color of his eyebrows? o.O
Buu is not only "evil", he likes to play with his enemy and make fun of him. How many poses of an evil Buu you we already have?
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Why these green hairs ? Xeniloum hairs are black.

And Heloïtes' armour don't seems metallic. Salagir knew it... I will give an earfull to him ! lol

Grateful for all your work for DBM ! ^^

Sorry for my bad english.
BK-81's avatar
In the manga even red or blue is colored black, so I went straight forward, to differ him from the others. I like coloring armour metallic, my fault. If Salagir didn't like it he should have said that before I posted it. Srsly, he saw it more than 2 weeks before, I asked him if it was OK.
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Sorry, I don't comme here frequently... (and my english is very poor... -_-").

Yes, Salagir must told you for armors' details...

World of Universe 19 is design, and created by me, and Salagir don't think every way of all the details of theses guys... he had certainly forgotten my detailled precisions for armors > they are not in metal, by in a kind of flexible carbon.

Thanks for your very pretty cov for Eleim and C-16 ^^
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it was PoF who told me about that some 3-4 days ago. So I posted an edited version of this covers, where I colored the armour like saiyan armour (only grey) Are the nearer to you idea?

PS: still a lot of persons refer them as Tsufuru, I keep telling them they are not... maybe somebody should say their real name in the comic already...
Foenidis's avatar
Yep... Pof knows a lot of these armors because I work with him for build the prototype of my ideas in image for Gogeta Jr.

Yes, last version of Eleim is near to the original idea. ^^
Armor is not metal, by sweet carbon.

I know the rumor (rumour) for Tsufuls, it's a wrong way but I don't contradict it because let people means hypothesis is part of game... ^^

(sorry for my very bad english... -_-"... I hope you manage to understand me...).
The Pun is indeed probably Moulinex considering it's a French brand and the authors are French (as my humble self mind you). It's good to see I'm not the only one to use this method when I'm searching for an original name (I do a lots of RPG so I often need one). For instance my pseudo Enomiel comes from an Elf character I played Enomiel Lanidrac, read it backward and swap two letters and you have Cardinal Lemoine which is the name of a sub's station in Paris.
nancahabyar's avatar
Grande BK! Bel lavoro, continua così XD
OuroborosI's avatar
I hope he gives Buu a run for his money. Never liked the pink thing anyway.

As for people saying that there cheating-- well

first rule of martial arts "Never let your opponent make the rules" a thing Buu has done so often to.
KarolHofman's avatar
I don't want to destroy the pun discover for the others, however I want to guess :la:
Is it Moulinex, that kitchen appliance company?? :giggle:
Awesome arts, they should be included in the main Multiverse Comic :nod: maybe when they'll be summing up all fights ;)
a1v2r3's avatar
Good job on the armor and hair color isn't as I expected but I like even more ^^
YukiOshi's avatar
Bello il fanciullo coi capelli verdi!
ElfMaster64's avatar
oh I can't believe I'm saying this but...Buu's already won....
goliad's avatar
I like your version of the armor, Its a better than mine
123lealea's avatar
...the look Buu is giving is rather frightening.

I'm excited to see this match!
BlazingBarrager's avatar
Xeniloum's dead. Hands down. =P

Great piece as always.
freeza-frost's avatar
cool! great colours. :)
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