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DBM Versus: Broly Vs. Vegetto

Finally the new fight! And this time it's a real clash of two giants: The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly versus the ultimate Fusion Vegetto (vegeth)!!!

So the whole flashback will finish soon, at least until the next chapter. Salagir told that approssimatily after page 200 the real story will start... good then. we are curious!

Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta jr. (art) and Salagir (story)
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
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"Canon" Broly: Gets his ass whipped even if he was SSJ3
Fanwank Broly: Competes with Vegetto and Beerus
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Broli has no chance in hell
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It's awsome, but the Potara earings are yellow not blue
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well, I looked at the manga, where they are blue or purple.
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Well, in the anime they are yellow anyway.
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manga beats anime, imho
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And yet you draw Vegeta with his anime hair and Goku with his manga clothes becuase...?
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look at that muscles size.. :drool: that bulk chest.. :drool: delicious vein.. :drool:

can't stop drooling.. :drool:
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Not only that,I do believe in one page,someone. (I think Piccolo) Clearly stated that while Vegeto was in SSJ2,he said this,"Broly's more stronger than Vegeto now!" So,yeah.
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I just read the pages of Broly vs Vegeto,Pfft,for all you people that thought it would be easy for Vegeto,WRONGO. XD Vegeto got pummled first,he did damage too Broly too,but... still,he had too finish him off in Ssj3 form. If only Broly could go SSJ3 too...... That would've been a EPIC fight.
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oh my god broly would be destroyed
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Vegeto would kick his ass broly could survive a super kahmehameha so he can't win.
Love the work bro! i woruld love to see a fight man!
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After page 200 eh? I kinda like the way the manga started in medias res and I'm excited to see what happens after this fight.

Boss cover too by the way. :)
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Prevedo BOTTE DA ORBI con intero pianeta che trema!...

Brollone ti è venuto FANTASTICO.
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lo sai i lettori sul sito (italiani) trovano il disegeno orribile? Specialmente Vegeth... Boh...
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Perché addirittura ORRIBILE??? Non ci vedo errori anatomici né altro di strano...
Boh, de gustibus.
Oppure c'è qualche errore che mi sfugge (non sono una cima in disegno!).
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Cool art work. =)
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Oh yeah fantastic I know that there is a game about brolly transforming into a super saiyan 3
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Really good one! ;)
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Vegetto doesn't look nearly worried enough...especially considering it was his mouthing off that probably made fate set up this match. :XD: Then again...he's egotistical enough to think that would be a good thing. :XD:

Great work! :heart:
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