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DBM Universe 17 cover col

Uah, finally i finished it! Man, that was a bunch of work... o.O
anyway... what if Cell won the Kamehameha-struggle against Gohan? We don't kneow exactly what went wrong, maybe Vegeta didn't shot his last blast to distract cell? or Gohan simply wasn't strong enough? the outcome was fatal for the Z-Team in both cases.
This was a sketch for the cover of chapter 6 (page 120) of Dragonball Multiverse, i only traced the sketchlines and colored it. Done with permission of the author.

Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta jr. (art) and Salagir(story)
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama

GIMP 2.6.6 in 6h

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And Cell blew the planet up.
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This is a pretty sad but really interesting "what if" scene.
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It was worth it. This turned out beautiful! *__*
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Simons-Art-Is-A-Bang's avatar
the gohan era pretty much defined my childhood back when i was 11 xD

deffo my fav in DBZ. hidden potential ftw!
MozillaEverer01's avatar
thats a good drawing it does show that gohan would of most likey lost of vegeta didnt step in and give him a hand at the last second with his final flash so its actually a really good What If vegeta didnt help sceniano
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hé hé ! ta colo va servir pour la couverture du manga de l'univers 17 de dragon ball multiverse que je dessine actuellement, super travail
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awesome, great work! speed lines are so hard!
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Just Read DBM Pretty awesome. This looks fantastic, I only wonder why they didnt use this for the cover of chapter 6 . Oh well its still B.A.!!
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You have great control over color and shadows/highlights. This is a great comic page! And I love DBM... I like that you took a piece of that story and created your own little side piece for it.

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was this hard to color
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thats soo cool! XD what if?! very cool!
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You did an amazing job with this! : D I think it was just because of Vegeta's distraction that cell lost. TT__TT I wish he won, and thats another reason i love this. XDDDD
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Great job with the colors! That must be what happened in the universe where Cell is still alive.
freeza-frost's avatar
great colours! looks like this cell won! :)
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looks awesome :D
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Lol, that's fun, Salagir told me you asked me to color it too ^^

I may finish it soon :)
Katycartoonfan3's avatar
wow! :omfg: youre really good at alternative endings! and definitely great at drawing DBZ scenes! ^^
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Davvero bello! Complimenti!
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thats is awesome.:D
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WOW THAT'S AWSOME! you're good with comics. :D
MizakiShidou's avatar
Excellent pic! n.n
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