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DBM Universe 11 cover colored

yeas, at least the colored version. hope you like it. and yes, i changed some minor details.

Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta jr (drawing) and Salagir (story)
Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama

PS: is it just me or was Gohan's defeat was the key for both tragical outcomes for Earth...?


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I can feel the intense drama. When I first saw the episode, you know the worst is coming. It always does. Trying to stop the creature Majin Buu was inevitable.
Gohan is down and Supreme Kai being gripped in the clutches of Dabura.... Hell is just the beginning.
U11 is the Unseen Timeline, where Cell never showed up. Only way they could be strong enough to awaken Buu, but weak enough to fall to Dabura
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Maybe Dabura just kept his big mouth shut and never insulted Buu, thus never receiving a smackdown.

Buu kills or mains all the good guys, and Dabura makes sure the jobs are finished.
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can you make more of these??
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My fav DBZ villain killing my fav DBZ hero (he's a hero to me!)
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Ehm... yes?
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wow this picture is pretty awesome, keep this good work up :)

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So evil Dabura is. ;D
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OMG! i realized that i just love your art! :iconinloveplz: and also that little purple fellow that Dabura is trying to kill! well hes sooooo cute.. and tiny! XD
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Bellissimo! Davvero degli ottimi colori. Complimenti come sempre ^_^
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:rofl: haha!!! I love it...even though Gohan is my fav character, it is lots cooler to see a better version of what happens in tv...AWESOME JOB!!
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I love this image's color *A*
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It looks great! I love these glimpses into how the other universes ended for the Z team. :heart:
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lookin really good
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