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DBM: Sun Wukong Vs Tenshinhan

New fight! Sun Wukong (Universe 2) versus Tenshinhan (Universe 9).
For everyone who doesn't know Sun Wukong: He's the Monkey King from the famous chinese tale "Journey to the West"; Son Goku from DB was modelled after him. He's very skilled and strong, and knows a lot of magic tricks; and he's immortal- and too self-confident? Maybe. Who will win? Magic against strengh.

I used the DBM-version of him, but with a little bit of personalisation... the colors are taken from Toriyama-sensei's picture with Goku dressed as Sun Wukong. (see artbook)
Hope it works... I'm not that sure... ^^;

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta Jr (art) and Salagir (story) [link]
GIMP 2.6.11 in 4h
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Great pic, but I was rather dissapointed with the fight. Sun Wukong is both a inspiration for Goku and Brolly. Brolly's controlling crown was based on a crown placed on  Sun Wukong, to make him less destructive. Brolly's infamous anger, is also probably inspired by Sun Wukong's great rage. I mean, Sun Wukong beat up all gods in the universe, at the same time(!) when he got mad.
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All the gods, except for Buddha.

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Well kinda - Buddha is portrayed a higher existence than gods. And Tenshinhan, while I love the guy, is not on the level of Buddha, even in DBM (was one with the universe, or even existence itself, and able to contain in his hand), on how he was presented in The Journey to the West, or the Monkey King (who among things, lifted the Milky Way Galaxy, which Tao Scripture considered to be infinite in size).

I could get Sun Wukong could be scared of Tenshinhan, due to reminding him of Buddha, but Tenshinhan was also shown to be completely dominating the Monkey King - I think he at least should be a challenge, even if nerfed.
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I like how Sun-wukong look in DBZ style, he sort of remind me of Jet li in "Forbidden Kingdom" nice work :clap:
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He's a cheeky monkey!
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tien is my fav character and im glad in dbm they made him beat cooler in his universe by out smarting him lol this is awesome by the way:)
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the colors of Son Wukong are done pretty good.
they actually put his outfit in dragonball online as a dogi.
but i believe there was also some sort of red hat...
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As I said I used that pic from the DB Artbookn as reference. But as in DBM he hasn't this hat, so I didn't put it on. I miss the ring on his head too. (Means, this is Sun after he has finished his journey?)
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Ah it's ok, the colors look pretty epic, i think the artbook colors were a good idea ;3
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I saw the fight. This universe's Tien is even stronger!(and looks like Buddha)
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I hope Sun Wukong is stronger than he seems...hmmmm....

Very nice.
In the original legend, he can travel the universe in seconds, fight against the armies of heaven, can summon clones as strong as himself, can lift 8,100 kg. He also knows spells that can command wind, part water, conjure protective circles against demons, and freeze humans, demons, and gods alike. it took the buddha himself to stop him. DBM nerfed wukong for obvious reasons to the extent where even tien beat him
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nice combination bk
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Sun WuKong in this makes it all the more interesting.
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C'è un piccolo errore... hai messo il "6" al posto del "&"!
Una domanda... al termine dei 32', le copertine successive saranno usate le "vignette" delle copertine precedenti o saranno rifatte da zero???
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But I noticed Tenshinhan ageing features in his face are missing.
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Wrinkles around the mouth and above the eyes are not aging features?
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these wrinkles also form when froaning.

I noticed more the line under his eyes in the comic.
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Of all the characters to put Tenshinhan against it would have been the monkey king-- I just don't know who I want to see win my favored chackter or the powerhouse of eastern lore.

It's like choosing between Super Namek and Tien just as hard.

Personally I think it will be a retelling of the book itself with Tenshinhan as Buddha. As that is a crown not a tiara monkey seems not to have been humbled before
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