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DBM Rebuilt the city

DBM-related illustration: Trunks, Bulma and C16 from Universe 12 (the "Mirai"-Universe). Maybe they made the photo before Trunks went to the tournament for their friends from the "Z"-Timeline to show how the things work out here.
In DBM they respect the manga- colors of Bulmas hair, so did I here. I tried to draw Trunks a bit older, like his last apperance in the manga... well, somehow I tried.
In the BG they are still rebuilding the West Capital City. Hope the pic works somehow...despite the errors... ^^;

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir (story) and Gogeta Jr. (art) [link]
GIMP 2.6.7 in 5h
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lovely art work of Trunks, Bulma and android 16 from Universe 12 real nice. BK-81 i love your art work and how you draw your art work it's really amazing art to see. BK-81 right now im still working on my art work now when im done i will put more art work on my account here and i hope you look at it sometimes when you have time. BK-81 i hope we can be friends here deviant art and im Lorenzo by the way and keep up with the amazing art work it's the best!
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Nice artwork, why is bulma hair purple tho? i thought it was light blue.
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Well... In DB -manga-, Bulma's hair is purple. And I suppose BK-81 colored it like that because DBM is a "manga" (a comic, because it's french).
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Trunks look's nice here but I think that Number16's right head part is out of proportions towards the left side.
As for Bulma ... her eyes are too close to each other.

Generaly all of this look's interesting in colors and nice background of the city that's being rebuild after having a terrifying past. xD
ginkoflowers's avatar
I definitely do like this picture! :) You've been very accurate doing the concept and coloring, and the details are beautiful. Good, good, good job!! :clap: :clap:
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
great concept and execution
Edgar-Chan's avatar
very creative intelligent friend
GrEEnCooKie656's avatar
wow! it looks soo good :love:

ilove it
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glezx's avatar
Nice dude I really like it. The background and the coloring is perfect. Except bulma came out idk xD other than than awesome pic :D
BK-81's avatar
Yes, I know... ^^; I tried and re-tried...
glezx's avatar
no prob that happens :P nice job though
freeza-frost's avatar
niiice! love these 3!
FinaNightmare's avatar
Nice pic, 16 is very good!
ShinTheDragonFighter's avatar
wow rly good everything is so detailed ^^ and ahh C-16 ^^ hehehe u done a very good job on thw whole linart and colouring :clap:
sonPauten's avatar
Wow! Very good! :)
LilDBZbuddy89's avatar
:wow:whoa, what an awesome pic! It must have taken ages to do, particuarly with how detailed the background is! Such an uplifting scene too; finally mirai Trunks and mirai Bulma are through the terror they'd been put through for so long! :w00t:
BK-81's avatar
Yeah, like the long awaited Happy End!
An yes, the BG was some of a pain... ^^
LilDBZbuddy89's avatar
Well I'd say you did a great job with it :)
:dance: now hopefully they can live the rest of their lives in peace... although I do wonder if Majin Buu is sealed up somewhere...
LittleMirai's avatar
well this is a great picture, the Background is amazing i really like how detailed you did it!
And yeah you reached to draw trunks older as you wanted to =) I like the choice to color bulma's hair as in the manga style =)
absolutely a great pic! :clap:
BK-81's avatar
THX! I must say that I like this haircolor better than the anime-like one. Dunno, maybe because I feel the Toriyama-style behind it?...
LittleMirai's avatar
yeah somehow i agree =) I never understood why for the anime version it was choosen the light blue color. I mean, when i first saw Trunks I didn't understand why he had that hair color. Ok, a childrend can have different hair color of his parents, but still! Looking at Bulma in Toriyama's color style, it all became easier to understand xD
BK-81's avatar
I guess I know the reason: in the first colored illustration of Bulma and in the first chapter she HAS this blue-green hair. (Look at the Kanzenban) And I guess the animators obviously took that for good and couldn't change it afterwards. It was... the error of Toriyama who never looks at his older works... :XD:
LittleMirai's avatar
LOL maybe Bulma went to the hairdresser and changed her hair color in the middle of the serie ;P
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