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DBM Neko Majin Z Vs Romanesco

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Another (almost unnoticed) fight in the tournament: Neko Majin Z (universe 2) Vs Romanesco (Universe 10). Because the entire Universe had declared forfeit, Z wins.

Is this Romanesco? Maybe. Salagir told me to pick a random Saiyan, as I did. Look at page 89 and you will find him in the last panel.
While Neko majin Z is ready to start the fight, Romanesco looks away, mabve he's ashamed to have to forfeit?
I tought about it, maybe he was named after the last Legendary Super Saiyan and has a bit over-selfconfidence, and thought he would win... But his king decided otherwise. My fantasy runs a bit too much here... XD

Dragonball and Neko Majin Z (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball Multiverse by Gogeta JR (art) and Salagir (story) [link]
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Dewani90Hobbyist General Artist
 isn't romanesco the legendary supersaiyan that died an hour after transforming?, no wonder he didn't participate, must have died in his room a while ago after arriving.
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BK-81Hobbyist Digital Artist
He lived 1000 years ago, the legendary one. So, yes, he died a while ago. 
This one here just happens to share his name... 
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You see it flying in the sky, the black steel castel ...

The super neko majin(ga) Z!!!
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Naruttebayo67Hobbyist Digital Artist
very cool of course
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kibasenninHobbyist Digital Artist
Daié, Nekomajin, fottili il c****o... ah un momento, non ne hai bisogno...
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YukiOshiHobbyist Digital Artist
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JAVA-MOCHAHobbyist Digital Artist
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freeza-frostHobbyist Traditional Artist
sweet! love romanesco!
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jeanpaul007Student Digital Artist
Jajaja ese Neko majin mas comico
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Kaiju-Borru-ZettoHobbyist Digital Artist
Yup, I can totes see who that guy is :D
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