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DBM Kakarotto Vs Pan

So, the special is over, so we can focus back on the next fight: Kakarotto (U13) vs Pan (U18)

I looks like it will be tough, for Pan. Will the deal work (we saw that Kakarotto is not... easy controllable...)? And, will Pan go SSj? Hopefull we'll see.
(and will the Pan-bashing restart?)

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama/ Toei Animation
Dragonball Multiverse by Salagir (story) Gogeta Jr (main artist)
GIMP 2.6.11 in 5h
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Why the hell is Kakababy smilling?

It was nice knowing you Cock-a-rot, i will always have a soft spot for you bro.
VergilDimenticato's avatar
so, I see you are into alternative storyline type work, and I myself are interested. I write fanfic and hand draw art for Dragonball type stories. I even have a Kakarot (no head injury) and other alternative stories, including kakarot's younger brother, a self-created character for a friend who goes by Clear Smoke on DA.
superuk's avatar
i see you do work on Multiverse as well so do i i always think thair must be a real multiverse someware in life
Unoga-The-Unknown's avatar
This is turning out to be an awesome fight.
Saphira1334's avatar
wut pgs were these?
OuroborosI's avatar
I hope it becomes a battle between skill and power
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kakaroto matara a pan en menos de 10 segundos xD
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sweet! pan looks great!
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
Should be interesting to see if Kakarotto will be able to hold his end of the bargain. U13's Vegeta will have to pay close attention to the ferral Super Saiyan.

While I doubt Pan will win, I can see her assending and giving Kakarotto a hard time in the fight, which ends up making him either knock her out of bounds, K.O. her or make her submit. He's gonna get to the next round and lose to our Vegeta.
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I guess too... I'm impatient to see this fight!
TheRealBetsuaVera's avatar
Actually I would looooove to see Pan go Super Saiyan against Kakarot!
TrojanHalks2012's avatar
As much as I want Pan to win, I wanna see a fight between Vegeta and Kakarot a lot more.
Rexvil's avatar
This is an interesting fight, as well, as the next...
Kick him then ass Pan!
RT912's avatar
Go for it, Pan!
Tekkenmaster's avatar
Toll! Man kann Pan ihre Nervösität sehr gut ansehen! Ich freu mich sehr auf dieses Match ^^
rulkout1993's avatar
All I can say is: "Kick his ass, Pan!" Good job :)
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