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DBM Eleim Vs C16 edited

Edited version of Eleim Vs C16. You can see, I changed the armour, because PoF (one of the cerators of the Heliorans) teold me that their armour "It's not really Metal, it's a strange material, more like Saiyan armor material. The undersuits are just black." . Well, I tried it. I let both versions online, so you can choose.
original (means: my first) version [link]

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Dragonball multiverse by Salagir (story) and Gogeta Jr. (art) [link]
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Eleim looks too much as a super saiyan. i'd prefer his hair color black or red like other artists. your still the best artist though, have you voluntered to make a full wpisode?
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I like the silver a lot more than the gold. I guess Salagir does also because he used the silver suits for the universe information page.
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Oh, and I think Eleim looks like too much of an asshole in this pic. He seemed way more serious than in this picture. He's reminding me of Gotenks here. Still looks great, though.
this is the best battle in dbm so far. its so evenly matched
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ok thanks for PoF info, and for hair is the real color :?
this version is cool but i prefer the first
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Er...In fact it's "PoF" :)

And sorry for those who won't like it like that, it's not my fault. Foenidis created those Armors like that.
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Did really I write... o.O ^^;
sorry. corrected.
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i prefer the metallic one myself. makes these guys stand out more from the saiyans
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So do I, that's why I initially colored them like I did.
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