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Gokus spaceship flew through the dark space; it took him only a minute to reach the end of the solar system. Goku was still sitting in the pilot-chair looking outside, fully in awe. Until he began to wonder.
"But… why is it so dark out there? I thought I started during daytime? Strange…"
Bulma had calculated a route that followed Radditz' pod as far it was possible. Like she had promised the computer was provided with the complete data from his Saiyan-pod and the Terrestrian Space-Agency; Goku looked for some information about the planets he would see in the near future. During his search he found also much information about the Saiyans and their home-planet Vegeta. The data was quite old- 25 years- but better that the almost nothing he knew before. But what he was learning there, that wasn't something le liked to know, it only enforced his negative picture of his own race.
"… and then the conflict leaded to the Great Saiyan-Tsufurian war from 720 to 732." he read. "…after its conclusion the Tsufuru faced extinction and the Saiyan founded their empire and chanced the name of their planet from Plant to Vegeta, to honour their leader and strongest warrior… Uh, and I belong to something like that?" Goku was a bit disgusted; hen he continued. "After 10 years the Saiyan made an arrangement with Lord Freeza, they started to work as mercenaries for him and conquered planets in his name to be sold' Hu? Freeza? Who's that?"
Enough for now. He had learned plenty of things. The thing with the enhanced gravity had been a genius idea; the gravity of Planet Vegeta was almost 10G too. Without even wanting to Goku looked up a list of the strongest known warriors; one guy caught his attention. He looked almost like him…! Didn't his brother say that he looked very like their father? Under the portrait he read the name "Bardock". Could that man be his father? And what about his mother? But he couldn't find anything about her.
"Pah, who cares. They are already long time dead. I guess I should train a bit instead mourning about them…"
The Saiyan made some warm-ups, and then he activated the gravity-module, set on 15G.

The flight took seven long days until he reached the first planet on his list; in the meantime Goku had mastered 25G. He decided to land on that planet, mainly because he needed some fresh air and some space to move. His computer identified that planet as planet Akka, M-class, fertility class B, inhabitants of rage D- whatever that should mean. But as he had the first glance at that planet on the main-screen, he only saw a dead desert of red rocks.
"Hu? Are you sure we're right? THAT should be a fertile planet???" Goku was visibly startled and double-checked the information. But there was no error, so he shrugged and brought his ship into an orbit. But even from that near there was no sign of a population, not even of a higher life form; so Goku decided to land to check it out. Even if there was no inhabitants he just wanted to test is new skills, even better if he didn't have to care fro somebody.
After landing on the surface he quickly realized that he was standing in what one time must have been a city. But now what was still standing was reduced to ruins, destroyed by a huge explosion. And, judging from the amount of sand over it, that event must have been already many years ago. His first suspects were of course the Saiyans, even if he didn't have any evidence for their presence. Nothing moved, except for some little lizard-like animals, it was a ghost-town. Gokus face hardened even more as he discovered some skeletons, bleached by the hot sun. The air was so hot and dusty, that he begun to cough violently, so he decided to forget that planet and to go on with his odyssey.

After four more days he reached the next planet; this time he had more luck. That planet was unharmed; it looked like Earth some millions of years ago and was apparently never colonized. It was full of primitive vegetation and strange animals, Goku stayed for more that two weeks and enjoyed the training in that untouched environment. He focused on controlling his new powers, and that aim was reachable only trough hard training and many attempts until success. At the end he was satisfied with himself and the level control, he felt strong and refreshed. The journey could resume!
Unfortunately that untouched planet was more the exception than the rule. The next five planets were inhabited by some different races, but in such a bad shape that Goku felt almost nauseated. And no trace of the Saiyans. The next planet- number 8 in total- had a prominent position even on his old star-maps and seemed to be in a good state. His old name was planet Byakku, but it was changed to Freeza 12. Goku remembered that name and wondered. Was this the same Freeza-guy he read about…? While thinking about that he entered a high orbit, but then he was contacted by a guard from the surface.
"Unknown vessel! Please identify!"
"Ah, dammit… what should I do now… Where's that button to answer… there…" Goku growled while searching for it. "Uhm… Here is… Son Goku… I… I ask for permission to land..!"
He said the first thing he could think about, of one moment he was tempted to use his Saiyan name for his presentation, but his mouth was faster than his brain. But it seemed to have been the right words- he gained permission to land after some minutes; his little ship was not classified as a possible danger. He had more luck than brains…

Goku landed on a small mountain near a big city, it seemed more appropriate. As he opened the lock he felt a hot dry wind blowing in his face, he noticed the gravity being a bit higher than on Earth, possible 3G. On the yellow-green sky two suns shined hot, they produced quite an impressive heat. The city was located in a valley made of white stone, on the horizon he saw some high mountains; all of them white like marble. Maybe they were the cause the planet was called "white". In front of him he saw the relatively dark skyline of the city, so he knew where he had to go. Goku put his spaceship into the capsule, threw a back-bag over his shoulders and flew down to hit the alien city.
In that town the first thing he noticed was that it was loud. Unnumbered races and people from unknown planets were walking though the streets, many of them wore a similar armour his brother Radditz had. It was a nice colourful mix-up, he felt like on a big flee-market. They didn't pay attention to that strange clumsy visitor, Goku was bumped and pushed aside a lot; after an hour he had enough and he jumped on the roof a higher building to watch the scene from up there.
"Wow… so many people… How should I find the Saiyans in that mess?"
Goku focused on detecting an aura that resembles himself or his brothers, but without any success. It was worse than finding a needle in a haystack. Jumping from one roof to another he continued his search, but after another hour he finally gave up and tried another approach. He found himself standing in front of what seemed a bar, maybe he had just to ask for some information?
As he entered the bar he felt all the glances laying on him, the other visitors surveyed the newcomer distrustfully. On the counter were sitting some strange and fearful warriors, again he noticed that familiar armour. Hesitantly Goku walked to them and took a seat.
"Hi… ahem… Excuse me… I have a question…"
Nobody seemed to even notice him; even the alien bartender ignored him. Only after Goku rose his voice he finally bothered himself with an answer.
"Order first, then talk."
"But… I don't have any money…", answered Goku too truthfully.
"Then fuck off.", was the sharp answer.  
With that the conversation (if you want to call it like that) was closed. Goku could wink and argue how much he wanted, but the bartender ignored him professionally. After half an hour he finally left to try his luck in another pub. At least he learned that too much honesty about his financial situation was no good.
The next pub looked almost exactly like the other one; the architect must have ´been the same. Again he took a seat on the counter und observed the other customers in silence; all that to give the impression of the mysterious stranger he saw in a movie time ago. After an adequate mount of time he finally made a small wink to the bartender and asked in a husky voice:
"Hey! I guess you know many people…."
"Sure. Waddaya wanna know?" the man answered in the same manner.
"I'm searching for somebody. Maybe you know him…"
'It works! Great!' the Saiyan thought, and dared the next step. "I'm searching a Saiyan… You know some of them?"
The calm face of the bartender fell instantly as he heard that name; the other guests reacted quite same way. "Uhm… no. I don't know any Saiyan. Sorry to disappoint you."
Unfortunately Goku was not a great expert in unmasking other people's true intentions out of a fight, so he didn't understand that the man was lying him straight in the face. The conversations, that were interrupted earlier, were continued after haring that kind of answer.
"Argh. What a pity. But thanks again." The Saiyan sighed deeply and left the pub without turning around again. While toe most of the guest followed him with their gaze only in unmasked distrust and surprise, three persons followed him outside.

Goku walked around clueless as ususal, looking around in his search, his pursuers sneaking behind him. That game went on for some minutes, Goku in front, the trio some meters behind him. Until Goku decided to walk in a dark alley, followed again be the three. But as they entered the alley they found it empty, no trace of the Saiyan. They looked around puzzled, until one had the brilliant idea to look up. And there he was, floating ten meters in the air, his arms crossed and smirking brightly.
"Hello! Could I please know why you guys are following me?" he asked.
All of them wore the typical uniform with full-body armour (Goku guessed they were all part of an organtisation or something with that) and they seemed to be quite well-trained too. But the one in the middle, a humanoid with greenish skin and hair and four arms, was bulkier, his aura revealed his strength, compared to him the other two were small fries. That one, seemingly the leader, smirked too and began.
"Come down first, mate! You're searching for a Saiyan? Maybe I can help you."
Goku followed this order and landed in front of them. He heard the beeping of the soldier's scouter, they were calculating his battle-power.
One of the two minions growled slightly after reading the value and asked. "Really? Do you really believe that this guy's worth something? His power is not that high…"
"Trust me. My instinct doesn't fool me! Hey you! I guess you are able to control your power level. Because I cannot believe that your level is only 2000!" the leader laughed.
"Oh, we got an expert here…" Goku replied really a bit surprised. "So, what can you tell me?"
"Slow down, mate. What about a trade? Do you know the 'Freeza-Prize?'" Goku denied that truthfully, so the alien went on. "It's a small tournament. One of the eight participants ran away and I need a replacement. Oh, I'm gonna be there too! Would you consent to be that replacement?"
Gokus eyes widened. "A tournament?? Sounds interesting… But how can I participate? I'm not a soldier like you…"
"That doesn't really matter. You can get big favours by winning it, if you want to enter the military, by the way. It's more important for me to have a strong opponent. But unfortunately… there's nobody here that wants to fight against me. That's the deal. If you beat me, I'm gonna tell ya all I know! And… there's also a nice prize for the winner."
The two minions giggled during that talk, while Goku pondered that idea. It was an ideal deal, three flies with one strike: earning money, a nice fight and some information. There was only one answer.
"Ok! I'm in! How's your name?"
"I'm Pir Khan Shi, Commander of the second platoon of planet Freeza 12. And you?"
"I am Goku. Son Goku."
"Good. We'll meet tomorrow at eighteen-hundred at the Main Stadium. I hope you can give me some entertainment, Son Goku."
Khan waved goodbye, Goku watched them while they walked way, not noticing their strangely good mood. He guessed they felt like him: thrilled about this challenge. He was not aware that somebody was watching the scene from the shadows.
Finally Goku's off! I tried to create a sort of "Star wars-feeling", I hope it was somehow successful.

Goku has more luck than brains, like it's written in the text too... I'll focus on him for the next time. And there's a hint in the last part that will come back in the next chapters.

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama
Pir Khan Shi is my OC. (Pun on "pear", the rest is...random)

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