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With the help of the special transporting device at Kami's sanctuary Kuririn and Goku reached the Mount Paozu in no time, the region were Goku lived with his little family. The warrior had declined Kami's offer to bring him new and, more important, intact cloths; Kuririn thought that his shattered and torn attire would help them in convincing the woman about the fierceness of that battle.
The two men found themselves in front of the door of Goku's home. They could hear from the inside Chichi and her dad talking about Gohan and his last exam results. More than that: they could smell a certain good odor coming from the kitchen… Goku had already brought his hand up to knock at the door, but something held him back. His face showed an expression similar to the one he had when facing a terrible monster!
"What'cha waitin' for? C'mon, earlier we start, the earlier we go trough it!" said Kuririn waking his friend from this strange lethargy.
"Ok… Then here I go… Now or never!"
Some moments after his knocking on the door they heard Chichis voce from the kitchen: "Goku? Gohan? You already came back?"
Goku swallowed hard and answered in a croaked voice: "Well, would you please come over here for a moment, honey? Something happened…"
The woman must have sensed the agitation in Gokus voice, she was at the door in one second and opened it. She looked Goku right in the face, then Kuririn, and then she searched for the face of his little son. But he just wasn't there. Her mother instinct gave red alert and with menacing voce she demanded an explanation.
"What the hell happened? Where is Son Gohan?"
"He… isn't here… I… I… already said that… something… happened… Well…" stuttered Goku, while Chichi fixed him with her famous deadly stare. Fortunately Kuririn saw that his friend was in great trouble and rushed for is help, even if he had sworn to himself to keep his mouth shut. Smiling as natural as possible he began:
"Well, we have two bad news and one good one. The good one is that finally we have solved the mystery of Gokus past! We even met his older brother!"
"OK… and… the bad ones?" That glaring stare almost made him flee!
"Ugh… yeah… Goku is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta… the first bad thing is that they are pretty evil… like his brother."
"And? How are those guys involved with my son?"
"This brother had fought against Goku and Piccolo, and… won. And… he kidnapped Gohan. And brought him… into space. Well… that was that."
"Good one, Kuririn!" whispered Goku happily in his friend's ear.
The two martial artists took a deep breath and watched the woman in front of them to be able to anticipate her reactions- obviously hoping that they won't come. Chichi was silently staring at the ground, without moving a single muscle. After more than a minute of silent staring her husband felt like he had to do something, and to comfort her he put a hand at her shoulder. But in the same moment he touched her she looked up with a stare that probably would scare even the likes of Demon King Piccolo!
"What the heck are you saying?! You stupid idiots!!! Gohan! Where is my Gohan? Why didn't you intervene???"
In a flash of her usual tantrum she hit Goku at the jaw with such a force that he made a step back and held his mouth in pain. There, this was the reaction he had expected and feared!
"Chichi! Calm down! I've tried! I tried to stop him, I swear! But he was too strong! He almost killed me! It was a nightmare!"
Goku tried to hold her shoulders from the backside, but the woman freed herself and hit him again at the ribcage and brought so some distance between her and her husband. Her eyes started watering from her hidden tears and finally she let them run over her face. The screaming outside alarmed her father, Gyumaoh, so he came out too and looked for what was happening. While he was looking after his daughter, Kuririn explained the story once more, but this time in a much more detailed way.
After that storytelling even Chichi started to understand that her husband had risked his life in the task to save his son: it was a real miracle that he came out of that alive. But this anger inside her wasn't dissipated.
"And now? What are you waiting for? Track them down and bring our son back to Earth! C'mon, run! Move!"
"Chichi! You know that I would do it! But I cannot. Those guys would just kill me and that was it. It would be useless… I have to train myself until my strength meets their power, and then I will bring him back! I promise!"
"Train? How long? Are they really that strong?"
"You cannot imagine it!" blurted Goku out. "My brother was at least three times stronger than me, and the other Saiyans are much stronger than him! It's incredible!"
Chichi shot him another angry glare. "You're a fussy! I would face them and I would tell them something straight into their dirty faces…! You'll see… What jerks…! Kidnapping other people's kids! Damn… forget it." She let out a long sigh. "Go and train! That's the thing you're best at…" Her voce was loud at the beginning, but became almost silent at the end.
"Chichi, I…" started Goku hesitating, but the woman had already turned her back to him, the discussion was closed.
"I said go. Just… do what you want. And don't let yourself be killed. Got it? Bye."
Said that she returned into her house, shutting the door behind her with a loud slam. Even her father was taken a little aback from that reaction, same as Goku and Kuririn. Maybe she didn't want to cry in front of all those strong men.
Goku stood there like a statute, then he remembered something: "Does that mean no supper for me?" The answer was just plain silence.
"You have to understand her, son." explained Gyomaoh. "That was a terrible shock for her. She has to work that out. I guess it will be better if you stay away for some weeks and return afterwards. I will call you if there are problems, is that OK for you, son?"
"If you think so… I guess you are right." answered Goku after some moments of silence.  "Come, Kuririn, let's go. We came here for a reason. It's back there."

Goku led them to and old hovel, not too far away from that little house where he had lived as a child with his last Grandfather Son Gohan. In the forest of bamboos there was a little hollow and in there they saw something what you would call a barrack made of wood, it was almost one meter and a half high. Goku stopped them there.
"It's still there…?" he asked his father-in-law.
"What do you mean? The strange metal sphere?"
"Yes. The strange metal sphere…"
"Goku! You cannot mean…!"
The young Saiyan nodded barely and started to take away some old tree branches, which were already covered by moss. Under them appeared a metallic something colored white-silver, a sphere with a diameter of almost one and a half meter and a dark round window in the center. Under that they saw a strange symbol, three arrows which started from a single point and shot upwards, half enclosed by a half circle. By instinct Goku recognized it immediately, while Kuririn just brought the pieces together to arrive at the same conclusion.
"This is…. The spaceship…?"
"I guess… My Grandfather had told me that he found me near a strange sphere. He hid it here, because he didn't know neither what it was nor how it could be useful for him. What a strange sensation… after all those years… I finally solved that mystery…"
Lost in thoughts Gokus hands slipped over the strange metal surface, smooth and cold like ice, but some parts were burned by some kind of fire, maybe from an explosion. The flight mustn't be too calm. Without knowing it he must have hit a button or something, the sphere opened and let them look inside. It was full of all kind of instruments and black monitors, in the middle a brown armchair for the pilot.
"Wow! Bulma would freak out! Maybe we should bring it to her to take a look at, nor not?" suggested Kuririn full in awe. His hand touched something mobile under the armchair, curios like ever he held it high and surveyed the object. "What is this? If I remember right Radditz had something similar…"
Actually he was right, it looked much like the strange machinery the Saiyan had on his left eye, it was a Scouter with an emerald glass. It only seemed an older model.
"C'mon, put on, Goku!"
"Urgh, Kuririn… do I have to…? OK…. If you really want…" sighed Goku slightly annoyed and put the Scouter on his left eye. It turned itself on with some accustic signals and some random symbols appeared on the smalls screen. The astonishing part was that somehow Goku was able to read them without great problems. Who had taught him that? Anyway, his puzzlement subsided and he begun the read the numbers loud.
"Ahem… it writes that your battle power is 206, Kuririn… and yours is… 121! Wow…" he pushed the little button twice and on the screen he could see the word "auto-scan" followed by the number 523. "And I seem to have 523 points. Not bad…"

It was enough for him, so Goku put this piece of alien technology down and left it on its original place inside the spacepod. Then he called out loud in the clear blue evening sky: "Hey! Kami-sama! Could you please bring me and this thing at Bulmas house in West Capital City? I beg you, I don't want to fly all the way down!"
In fact they could all hear the voce of Kami: "What? I thought you may want to train? Have you changed your mind? I hope you have a pleasant flight!"
Goku went all red. "Oh. Well, I guess you are right. Well then. I better start now. Kuririn, tomorrow at Bulmas house?"
"OK, until tomorrow… are you sure…?" asked Kuririn watching Goku loading the spacepod on his shoulders. He already was sweating a bit.
"Uh, maybe tomorrow evening… or better the day after… man, it's heavy…!"
One last time Goku looked back to his beloved house and imagined what Chichi would do in this very moment… maybe she was back in the kitchen… it was enough to think about it and his stomach started to demand food. With this spacepod on his shoulders like Atlas time ago he hovered into the sky and started to fly to the Western Capital City. Kuririn was invited to stay at Chichis house for the evening, but not without after a long discussion with the woman. He departed the next morning.
Well, I've asked for help and waited more than 4 months for it See the journal here: [link] ), but at the end I had to do it by myself. u.u'
I KNOW that my English is far from perfect, so if you find errors tell me please. It's a poor solution, but if you want to read DB SF in English I guess you 'll have to endure my poor English in the meantime. I did my best. It's an exercise for me too. If you are Ok with it, can I go on?

Prolouge: [link]
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Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]

Dragonball (c) Akira Toriyama, I borrow only some characters.
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