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September 25, 2011
A suggester says: "The artist depicts many varied, interesting forms and many different angles, showing that like the students portrayed the artist too is well suited to figure drawing. When full viewed, many fun details can be seen, which keeps the eye entertained for a long time. The colors are also fabulous, and each character is unique."

Figure Drawing Class by *Bobbie-the-Jean was suggested by a total of twenty people! When you take the time to look at the amount of details, and realize that nothing was overlooked, its easy to see why this drawing is so amazing.
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Figure Drawing Class


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Me: Tah dah! Violà. 2 months of work.

Satan: ................WOW! I mean WWWOOOWWWWWW!!! 145, 146, 147....

Me: Thank you, thank you.... but uh....what are you counting?


Me: *face palm*

Satan: I count no less than 148 chances to paint in some tiddies and you filled EVERY SINGLE LAST !@#$%^&* ONE OF THEM WITH MALE BUTTOCKS.

Me: -____-


Me: *sigh* FINE. My next piece will have tiddies in it. Okay?


Me: >8{
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The birth of FROGGIE

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There’s so much going on I love it
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Wow! Now that's some serious art right there.

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This may be the single best anthro art piece ever created.  The amount of work that went into this, the students' works from all of those different angles, some of the students such as the one peeking at another's work, the level of detail is incredible!!
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Wow! That's one heckin big compliment! Thank you! :heart:
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That, we to be fair and equal, for me too ought to spend months with writing this comment.
To write something about every little detail. A sort of narrative, which is just about it.... n' that how it work together, with the picture. How they create something wonderful together. (Without a joke, it seems, it would be easy to do it.) But maybe, then nobody would read it...
Instead ... I can't do anything else, just watch and admire... Just share some thoughts.
*I feel like that, i must apologize, that only that's all what i can sharing with you.
You remind me of the bygone, one-time, the great artists, painters.
They were those, who were humble for their works, their artworks. For months, for years, they worked on a piece of work. Not because of that, they were slow...
(The slowness and fastness are relative concept.... Measuring, something to measure, which subjective or objective, within these, questionable,  unique measurements, gauge, comparison.)
So not because, they worked for long time on their pictures, because they could have been not to paint it faster, but because that, they tried to express the inner image, which they saw or felt.
We can also say that, they were looking for the perfection, based on their own ideas.
Sometimes or countless times they painted it again, started to works from the beginning. They worked and they didn't sorry the time and the energy, that to create something wonderful, fascinating, and everlasting.
This artwork remind me of.... because of this, you remind me of artists who lived in the last century.

Indeed. You ask, with rightly: What is that the Art?
Well, What is the art? Exist some definition. In encyclopedias, in notes.  
Words are not capable of describing and expressing everything. The words are limited...
Behind the words the concept, often so complex that, it is impossible to define, maximum/at most a small part of it.
For me, the definitions are states. A momentary definitions, which was created based on known, perceived or putative facts and knowledge.
Apple. As like the apple. When someone read this word.... What she/he think? Everybody thinks for different. Everybody thinks otherwise. Someone thinks of a pretty red apple.  Someone thinks of a green apple... Or a rotten apple... An half apple... ect. ect.
The art... Why should it be different? I mean. The concept of art is also flexible/pliant, a thought/idea picture, a dream picture.  

The time and the energy valuable treasure. Too few is available from Both of them. Although, As like everything, this is also relative. Let's just say... relatively little time is available for a creature like us.(You, or i, or anyone else...)
The high quality (thoroughness, elaboration/detail) and judicious/deliberate (careful, conscious, thoughtful) work, which made from heart, very valuable/valued.
In this rushing world. This is particularly respectable. No one has time and energy, neither to herself/himself nor to the other. At least it seems.
In turn there are moments, when we stop and thinks about/thinking/contemplative. We thinking about the meaning of the life... We thinking about why is good or bad, what's happening in the world. Furthermore we philosophizing about the life cruelty and perfection... the nature duality/twoness. In that case, our ego (the generated world in our head) is a bit "to turn on" in idling/neutral, get space for pure perception, reality and nature.
These can be caused by: a trauma, massive mental pain, or even overwork, exhaustion, and total depression. These occur most often in these.
N' though... The world is not just black and white. Sometimes it seems... Because... There is example to the contrary.
As like: the  peace of mind/soul peace or a feeling of peace. When the world touch you, it touches something majestic, unknown and mysterious.
Many times, it helps us achieve something like this state: the music, an ant on the window glass, the sunlight reflected in the water or an image, a photo.
Need an effect.

Many people forget, but the art, the artists have a purpose/purport/intent. Beyond the self-expression, the  memorization, and inner thoughts, many other.
For example, to draw people's attention, to open the soul, to open the gates on the bridge of the "connecting the true reality and human consciousness" (or on the bridge between true reality and human consciousness.).
This is an ancient goal. This is kind of teaching-nature/teaching-trait. A picture telling a story.
Tells about the painter (creator), tells the hidden/inherent thoughts in it and tells about the circumstances of its birth.
Not just pictures, the nice statues... the pleasant music, an old horseshoe, a kind harp, a beautiful necklace or a proud  building. They all born from energy, soul and something acient force.
As we know, the opposites... Where there was destruction there was creation before. Nature is doing it all the time. Always. Destroy and create. At the same time. Demolition and build.
The arts are one of the expressions of this very ancient memory. (A very pristine/primordial memory) Creation. Creating something... Transmute/transform, give a new meaning to something or more something. Give a new meaning to their existence.
What's more ... The thought, the energy ... a piece of the soul... To "formulate", in material ways or... To put into shape, in material ways.
We are responsible for our artworks. We have responsibilities towards our artworks. Like the way, the parents is for their child.  All artworks have a life.
It does a lot of things during its life. It inspires/incite and generate/trigger an effect. It is able to do many things.
This may encourage, inspire the writing of the absurd things, for someone in a stupid comment... someone else is crying, others are thinking and learning. Or simply give a pleasant feeling: "This beautiful." "This amazing." "This touched me."
Therefore, when we share a work of art with others / the world...  ***We, set it free. Its get it freedom. Let it do its job. Tell stories.
Telling stories.... Listening to stories.
For me, something like this, The Art.

What story tells is this picture?
Funny question. Probably for everyone, a bit different.
Firstly seems a memory. Memory? Hm. Yeah. Maybe from an another world? Is yours or belongs to ¤someone else? :) Who knows?! But one sure....  Now already it's a memory.... A pleasant memory. Not just the artist memory, but theirs too, who have seen it.
Voluntarily, involuntarily.... This artwork to bind/connect/tie together those who have seen it.
The thread/yarn is not visible.... Maybe that's why it looks insignificant. But it is not. In our lives, every little memory, data, information has an impact/effect. Even if it's just occupy  the place. :D Even so.
What do you see in the picture? What do it say more? The consciousness (mind) and the soul (heart), what do it think?
([H] - Heart - [B] - Brain)
[B] - Memory... Bonnds?!  You're  over-complicating this.... The scene is simple.
[H] - Really?
[B] - Yes... There is a model, there are some artist-student. (Fantasy creatures...) They're drawing. Or not?
[H] - Hmm... Yeah, this is ture. :) This is fine so far. What do you see yet?
[B] - Too many things...
[H] - If it would be too much, it would not fit on the screen. :'D Moreover, a few moments ago, you said that, it's simple. =P
[B] - The scene. It was not about the meticulousness.
[H] - Indeed. This true, It's very demanding. Look at that the lot of characters.
[B] - From the perspective, the foxy is so good. Geometry, shape .. representation/depiction in the space.
[H] - Where is the respect?
[B] - Hm?!
[H] - Lady! Maybe artist lady. It's shame... Ehh.. So. I'm not just talking about this... Not simple just about the point of views...  Look at it's better.
Well yeah. The richness of detail is remarkable. 30 separate paintings. 27 figure/living being. Not only their point of view, (angle of view, their location in the room) different. They are themselves, too.
Just as in the reality, every artist is ¤¤unique. On the artwork, all artists have their own style. In addition, their variety and ¤¤¤diversity/differences are spectacular. Almost every person belongs to a different species that deepens this idea/throught.
As if, it just shout out: "Hey, we're all different!" Hm. But, not only this, but also that: "All of us, we are artists. We belong together.  Art connects us. We are belong here."
This thought is strong enough. (By the way, it's not just true in art. This thought and/or feeling are stand the ground in other topics too.)
That is just a foam on the cake, that their personality is perceptible. For each person separately. They have "souls". (That's a big thing!)
It seems, they all enjoy what they do. Many character deepen, immersing in the work. Others easygoing/lax a little.Nevertheless, they care about each other. They pay attention each other. Because of this ... It is easy to imagine that: being said one-two words, being said one-two answers. Intermittent conversations. (like the Staccato) Some cheerful laughter.
Who was already in the artist-classroom. Who was model... Anyone who has already seen it such a lesson... Who  has already seen a drawing-lesson, she/he knows.
She/he must know, that the picture is brilliant.
It gives a lot of memory ... The atmosphere itself, the situation itself. Every move is familiar. The girl who is looking for food, or tool/device. The boy who looks at the work of others, and maybe whisper something. All posture. It's so real. It's so lifelike.
If we continue on this line. What else can we see more? We can see a group/team. A Community. The community has also more parts.
Maybe the two are the biggest, the active (the brisk/busy/doer) and the passive (the watcher). Watching and following the work... Passively, unobtrusively, quietly. It is also...Pleasant and great. Becoming a member of a community... or artistic community is wonderful thing.  (Both have a role. As like the river. The river is active, passing through the land, changing it. But there is the land what looks passive, as if it were idle.  Still part of the river, the river basin/water-course, the river-shore. To circumscribe/delimit, to encircle.) We choose any mode too.
Many people confuse "the concept of a member" with "the concept of a recognized member". The recognition is another question. You can be an artist, amazing and unique, but for this you do not necessary the recognition.
(Maybe if you want to be a renowned, famous artist... then it's important. :) On the other hand, recognition and reputation do not mean that, you will get honesty, well-founded knowledge or respect.)
Unfortunately, we all know that many amazing people just  after her/his death became famous. Not by chance.(Not by accident.)
In the picture seem "something like this" is not present. The members love / like each other.  There is no criticism or judgment. There is no rivalry or battle.
We can also say: Peaceful, intimate. Just like the art in itself. ^.^
Probably ... (At least, to feel this) They make a community which despite their contradictions and diversity works well.
The concept of belonging/affiliation is also nicely displayed. The belong to somewhere is very important.
When we feel we belong to somewhere and we are not alone. Maybe also this thought is the one of the story of the picture.
[B] - This. This... Dripping from the positive thoughts. -.- We need the balance.  Say something negative too.
[H] - Electron.
[B] - Idiot...

Hm. I can't say many new things that other people yet would not have said.
I love that the canine lady, who sit beside the unicorn. Her clothes color are beautiful. Anyway, my favorite color is the green, but this is  the pine/moss/hunter/forest/blue-green... huhh.... The favorite from the favorites. :') Of course, the other clothes and colors are very engaging/captivating, imposing. Spectacular, but pleasing to the eye.
In the focus? Hm. The model deer, the feline girl in the blue dress and the dragon. Then the eyes of the people may even criss-cross. :D
The people would wait that, they will moving... or that if you waving, they will waving back.
Maybe, who see this, even she/he taking breathe more quietly too, lest to disturb the artist team... and the hard concentration. ^.^
This is just showing that ... This picture is how much live. How much life there is in it. (Full of life.) :)
This image gives strength. As if to whisper, "You see? Almost nothing is impossible ..." Motivates. Incite. It teaches.

I recently wrote to the one of my dear artist friend for about it, that his pictures are emotionally touching, these contain some sensitivity, some internal state, something sublime/majestic  idea that goes beyond the image representation, which apostrophize/speak/whisper to the soul: and (it start) to quiver (tremble/thrill/judder/shaken), soften (mellow), be moved(be affected), "the overflowing emotions, flow out from your eyes".
Well, your picture somewhere has done the same thing.
The emotions move on several levels and scale. Many emotions able to touch in many ways.
There is which, it covers an inner thought... and exteriorize the inner feelings of the artist, sometimes the subject itself what it want to put it or formulate, for which is associated to the artwork... There are many reasons.
In your case, I think, the reason is not the inner majestic/lofty  thought, I feel your picture is an wonderful "scene". But if something is impressive, then the its mere **existence able to can touch you.
I mean, your picture was impressed/fascinated... It was so much successful in this, that it touched me. This was a new experience. Thank you.
Obviously, the invested work and the love too, it has an impact on humans, if you more look at/observe the image, or you wants to "get to know" and "makeing friendship" with it.

Of course, we all know that, many times the own thoughts are reflected in the artwork. It touch, and to open the door/gate for toward ourselves.
But however, I think, all these were not just my thoughts. ^. ^

* I'm thinking about, that i'd be able to do more... there is no excuse for laziness, however, because of the lack of time and the inaccuracies of the expressions, I feel that: my hands are tied.
** (Like the women. ^.^ I mean, for example, a person you love.)
*** Partly this is true:  Not locked away from the outside world.Not locked: In our mind, in our room, in our machine ... ect ect. So it's a dual concept. We freed its from certain constraints/barrier.  It can live as an independent entity.
¤ Someone or Something
¤¤ Person, creature, entity. Everything is different from the other. (If they were all the same. They can't take a seat from the space. And if they are not in space, then they're different in time. [At the same time can not be in one place.])
¤¤¤ Little and big ... But not only their appearance, their body size ... Maybe even social, religious and / or thinking / perception differences can be discovered.

You know, i love to give... But ... Unfortunately...  I'm not, neither a billionaire nor a supernatural creature... who can give security and good life...
The most what I can give in usually is a few nice words, a few "good" intentions or a positive thought, a feeling.
Those the thoughts, which was formulated/born from the picture.... these are deeper, than i could have express. Neither in my own language nor in English. ^.^
This is the reason, that i tried to compress into it in a poem:

Some or many years... give or take,
This picture... If i see, my soul is quake,
Pride, power, beauty and joy, what the heart is feel,
Sometimes that is the question: Is this fantasy, or real?
Maybe there are not enough words,
I wish that,  the world never forget you, and your works!

Hm. This is the end. (LOL - the comment end... O_o)
Well... Thank you the for the lots of time... and that, you shared this artwork. ^.^
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HOLY MOLY! WOW. That is.... a comment! Whoooo! Golly gee....  :D

That was one hell of a rollercoaster ride and I appreciate it very much. Why? Because - and mind you, I say this at risk of sounding like a whiny, ungrateful amateur with an inferiority complex which I certainly do not mean to come across as - so often I am lucky to receive a handful of comments, most of which will be things like "good work" and "nice job". I know people who leave comments like that mean well and I certainly don't hold it against them but when I hear "good work" and "nice job", my brain interprets that as "this isn't worth leaving an actual comment on" or "I will immediately forget this image because you have failed to elicit any reaction beyond that". In short, "good work" and "nice job" make me feel like a failure as an artist.

On the extremely - and I do very much mean extremely - rare occasions when I receive comments like yours that actually contain insights, thoughts, genuine emotion, and complex meanderings, it fills me with joy because it's in those moments I feel like I actually accomplished something. Your comment has inspired me deeply. I want you to know that.

Thank you, sincerely.  :heart:

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Meeh... We never will be equal the time way... I mean, you reading, and writing answer and spend time again... You are so cruel =P (Not that i wouldn't be happy to this... :D It's good. Wink/Razz)

"one hell of a rollercoaster ride" - LOL  -  I hope you had some paper bags.  =P Heh. I like this expression. :'D

I guess, i absolutely can understand your feelings, throughts, standpoint and opinion ect... The people if want, then they able to understand "everything" in the world... (within human mind limit, within individual frames, but i know you understand it clarly what i wanted to said...). Except the math. But really... sometimes (very often) the math is very inapprehensible...  Said this, a programmer. The world is odd.. O_o
Maybe in a another world or a alternate dimension you get a "small" comment and that will making you happy... because you only get novel-type comments. :D And your wraith say: "Oh my... Finally!... A short comment! Thank you!"
Easily possible, you are the only person, who happy to this. Some people say that: "Look at that idiot. He just wants to blink. He have nice long, wide and twisted tongue. Poor artist... It went through 'back and forth' in her."
Pff.. But that is not a problem. Maybe, it makes someone think. Who knows?! O_o

But seriously...
It's a big and difficult theme.... (This the comment theme...)
I can only be happy and enjoy that, if the feelings and the thoughts able to reach you.
If that is the case... We both, achieved our "goal".  Hm. This inspired you? Hm. I wouldn't have thought. Because of this, i can only be grateful. Very kind of you! Thank you, sincerely! ^.^

You're very welcome. I glad if you like it. ^.^ 
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Heh, yes, indeed. Very inspiring. ^___^ (And yes, I hate math, math is the devil.) Though, for the record, don't feel obligated to ONLY leave me novels. =P A paragraph or two is fine, if you like. And don't think I don't appreciate the shorter comments, I do, because I know people mean well by them. It's just a neurotic tic I have as an artist. I'm not actually fan of my own work for some reason or other. I don't see what other people see in it. But that only drives me to work harder until I do. :)

In any case, thanks again. Happy holidays. :heart:
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This is a wonderful artwork - and it surely looks like it has taken quite some time to paint it (like - those two months you wrote of. Btw - funny description ;))

I really like the amount of details one can find everywhere. Yet this picture doesn't seem "crowded" or "lost with people/details/things/...", it seems very well-organized and nice to look at. Also, the whole color-scheme is very harmonic, and even though you used a variety of colors, none of them "disturbs" the picture by calling for too much attention.
BJPentecost's avatar
Thanks! What a lovely compliment. ^__^ Though, if I was to redo this, there are a few things I'd do differently.
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
You're welcome (:
I can imagine that - as this picture is already several years old. I know it from myself - looking at older pictures often gets you to think "Hm - today I would draw this so-and-so".
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The details Wow! 
Amazing work!
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Its rarely to see so many characters in one picture on deviantart. I congratulate you on maintaining the focused composition!
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I dropped my jaw I can’t immagine how much effort you put in it, its spectacular simply beautifulLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
BJPentecost's avatar
:D Thanks! Took me about 200hrs over the course of 2+ m onths.
PastelMandala's avatar
Wow! If it was me it would have probably took 2 yearsSweating a little... Meow :3 
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Such artistic work! :clap:
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