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You're probably wondering which way the wind is blowing and I'm not really sure myself. XD The sleeves were an afterthought but I liked them and decided to keep them yet the one on the right looks so much better out like that. XC Ah well.
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Beautiful, please tell me what you have used for a dress for your render
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Thanks. :) The dress was painted in Photoshop. I sculpted the figure in Zbrush and rendered it in Cycles.
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thanks Wow great I thought that would be a dress for poser
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Your use of color and details floors me. The flow of your art makes it almost impossible for me to stop looking. You are inspiring. Thank you! :)
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Very kind of you to say. :D Thanks.
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Beautifully painted image Love the use of colour, especially the deep viridian & crimson :Green-orb:  
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This is truly beautiful! Awesome design , detail, and especially color. BEAUTIFUL:)
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This is a magnificent painting!
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Thank you very much. :)
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You're very welcome. :)
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very awesome!
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It looks so heavenly. *____*
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Love the bold use of colour Beautiful image beautifully rendered
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Thank you. :) Very kind of you to say. I appreciate the complements. :boogie:
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Very nice work!
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Absolutely wonderful...!
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Splendid artwork!;-)
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, originality, and more ! Good job ![link]
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