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An Ethyromystic's Office

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Hard to say how long this took since this is a painting over a render. Probably 35hr+. Yes, derp frogé is present.… (under revision)

A violet housegryphette is pretty sure she saw a bug and she will eat it if she can find it. Many people keep violets specifically for their prowess at hunting and eating bugs. Violets are highly intelligent, affectionate, generally gregarious, and hearty, can be potty trained, and taught complex tasks.  

An ethyromystic is an aleythai sensitive to both the myst and ethyr, meaning that they may be able to manipulate light and matter on an atomic level. (More on this in document above.)

The gemstones there on the table are ethyrcandy- atomic elements sequestered away in quartz for the purpose of safe storage. Ethyrcandy is usually a mixture of trace elements left over from ethyrogeneration (the process of reorganizing matter via procedural propagation of charge formation). For example, if an ethyric has turned a handful of leaves into sugar (CHO), there will undoubtedly be a great deal of other elements left over. Nitrogen and oxygen can be paired diatomically and released into the troposphere without issue but other elements such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, and fluorine are dangerous and must be dealt with cautiously.

Ethyrics commonly parlay fluorine into fluorite then encase it in quartz or glass. The IUS mandates that elemental mercury not in use must be stored via IUS Hazardous Substance Safe Storage Protocols (H3SP). Ethyrics usually prefer to amalgamize, quartzify, and store in  safe, labeled containers. Cadmium, lead, and arsenic must be handled similarly.

Ethyrics may label their ethyrcandy according to what elements are contained therein but they don't have to as they can see, feel, smell, and taste the chemical makeup of their environment via the ethyr. Beyond that, ethyrcandy is often stored in a dedicated cabinet, containers, or a compartmentalized travel-case for on-the-go needs.  

HTNAKYL: AESG is the abridgment of the title: How To Not Accidentally Kill Yourself: An Ethyric's Survival Guide. It is the most commonly carried field guide for ethyrics.

Similar titles:

- The Alchemist's Cookbook
- On The Go: Quick-ref For Ethyrics
- Fire Diamond Roulette
- The Dos And Don'ts Of Ethyrochemistry
- 10,000 Ways to Die: Ethyric's Edition
- Oops, I Blew My Fingers Off! Now What?
- Casting With Your Toes
- Casting Fatigue and How to Avoid it
- Requisite Reading For Ethyrics

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Its like photo realism but you can still say its a piece of art. Its like you leave space for the eye to catch it which makes it enjoyable. I really like how it looks ;}

BJPentecost's avatar

Thanks! Kind of you to say. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Nice! Titles are hilarious.

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Très réussi !!! ^^ ♥

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ok cmon youre a supergenius molecular physicist, right??? nobody writes about atoms like that, especially without an hour or 2 of research factchecking each sentence, unless they have a serious grasp on the chemical sciences...

you arent just a ludicrously-talented & imaginative painter who would make da vinci blush, im pretty sure you EASILY have enough knowledge & patience to teach highschool chemistry
BJPentecost's avatar

Many thanks! You're very kind. Alas! I am but a humble science enthusiast. It's my second favorite subject after art- a very close second. Chemistry is my favorite of the sciences followed by biology and then physics. Mat-sci is my favorite branch of chemistry. It is just endlessly fascinating to me. :D

Sometimes I wish I'd gone into a STEM field because it's much better paying but I dunno if I'd be happy with art as a hobby. I feel like art is kind of my life, if that makes sense.

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The attention to detail is incredible! I love the way you've painted the crystals in this piece, they're my favourite element, though everything is just as impressive!

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Thanks! :D Kind of you to say.

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How To Not Accidentally Kill Yourself: Always something to keep in the forefront of one's mind.

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Required reading at the Forsaken's Royal Apothecary academy; even though you're undead no use becoming undead-er.

BJPentecost's avatar

;B Aye. Especially if you're an ethyric

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Looks bloody amazing!

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