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Favourite Visual Artist
William Adolfe Bouguereau and Albert Bierstadt
Favourite Movies
What would probably now be considered "Vintage Disney," AKA, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Graphire Pen, tablet, Photoshop, Zbrush, Blender,
Other Interests
Anything art, videogames, science, 3D printing, Transhumanis, a few other things here and there.

An Odd Thing

7 min read
An odd thing happened to me awhile ago. It was not profound or magical or worldview-changing- just odd. A few weeks have passed and I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it. One early midsummer evening, I sat on my front porch eating an overdressed salad to a serenade of suburban working class dads all mowing their lawns in unison. A splendid breeze conveyed aromas of lilac and freshly mown grass under a subtle mist of gasoline. The weather was almost unseasonably cool for mid-August- a perfect reason to eat outside and avoid the ever-fulminating chaos inside. I lazily munched on soggy greens while watching a chipmunk dart around under the bee-harried hydrangeas. It was nice. Twilight approached in a phalanx of rose, gold, amber, and lavender led by a vanguard of opalescent cumuli. One by one, the mowers retired, leaving an almost eerie hush in their wake. Much to my gratitude, a breeze eventually broomed away the unpleasant stink of gas. Where the mowers left
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It's been a fair few months since my mother died and I'm sad to say that things are not going well. My family always ran like a fucked-up, co-dependent but basically functional jalopy. I was the front wheels. My primary jobs were chores, errands, and working as a commission artist. My BIL, Daniel, was the back wheels. He's developmentally delayed but he's a good boy, capable, and he worked hard. He was responsible for some chores and errands and taking care of his wife (my younger sister) and their child, both of whom are also developmentally delayed. My stepfather, the breadwinner of the family, was the engine. I cannot overstate how pivotal this man has been in keeping the shitshow afloat. I don't know anyone who deserves a long, happy retirement more than him. And then there was my mother, the driver. She steered the shitshow down the long and winding roads. Some months ago, my mother died. Lung cancer. I have been through some next level shit- various kinds of abuse, a murder
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Bad things happen to everyone, right? That's life. Shit happens. There's always another shoe waiting to drop. I'm sure that's what it's like for most people. We adapt, we deal, we move forward. It's all we can do. But sometimes, I feel like I'm trapped in the midst of a shoe monsoon and I'm not so much waiting for other shoes to drop as I am waiting for the next steel-toed boot to bean me upside the head. My brother in law was just admitted to Montefiore in the Bronx. They think he may have an extremely aggressive form of cancer, possibly leukemia, myoma, or both. We don't know yet. My poor sister is having to go through this only a few months after having lost our mother to cancer. Daniel was a lynchpin of this family and now that he's down for the count, I'm having to step into a lot of the roles he had taken on. I will still be putting out art. That is my job. It is my reason for living. But please be patient. Big, high-detail pieces may take a little longer. I've been thinking
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Here,I see the ceiling of drawing~! Nice works~!

d===( ̄▽ ̄)b

I love your style, it is otherworldly and creative! Thank you for sharing your work :heart:

Thanks! Kind of you to say. ♥

With your permission I take the opportunity to present myself and make a proposal: I´m Xurxo Avila, a spanish actor, director, writer and producer. I have a horror script that I have not been able to shoot and I was thinking of turning it into a graphic novel for IMAGE COMICS -WE ALL WORK FOR MONEY- with the collaboration of one of my best friends, the USA`s editor and colorist JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA. I have seen your drawings and would you like to draw the story? I really like your style very much, I think it would go very well to the story and I think we could create a unique and fascinating horror story. I hope I didn't bother you with the proposal. The idea is to draw 6 scenes from the script (he told me that it is the usual number when you send it to any American comic book publisher), send them along with the same script and a lot of things that I have more (you can see some of them on my page, in the folder entitled: "CINEMA" : art concepts, posters,...) to the publisher and see if they like it and get us to work. If you want I pass the script to you, you read it, and you tell me. Greetings.

Hello~! Your art is.. well gorgeous! It's very unique

House Finch

I am no master of elaborate vector work, and likely never will be, but in the meantime found somebody who is.

There may not be any anthropomorphized clashes between the elephants of Hannibal and Rome on the snowy shores of the Trebbia, but hope their work is yet enjoyable.