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sorry if my tongue-in-cheek comment offended you or anyone it was not intended!!!

And given that I haven't checked this account in years and this dialogue apparently took place years ago and I am almost certainly a different person today, I don't really understand why I am even picking it up again. I guess I feel like having a rant... so...

Men are men! Men are pigs, as depicted in the picture. Not always, but often. In fact, men can be so extremely savage sometimes there are no words for it! Especially in the presence of a beautiful lady who loves to express herself through what she wears. I completely get it: women love to feel beautiful and often do this for themselves and not for anyone else. Perhaps YOU are one of these ladies and therefore you are a role model for the many women who are looking for direction in this sense. I neither condone nor condemn what anyone wears. I don't give a rats ass. However, the girl in the picture above ought to be aware that in the scary world that we live in, like it or not, what she wears can and will in many places have an undesirable effect that may and very often will get her into trouble. That does not mean she should or should not wear what she wants. Again, I don't care. But she ought to be aware of potential consequences and realize the effect she may have on man who, surrounded by his peers, may foolishly act upon his lower instincts. 

Coming back to my flippant remark, I know for a fact that many women (and also men!!!!), maybe not this one, and maybe not you, but many others, seek confirmation BIG TIME from the opposite sex. Some women have very little or NO feeling of self and NEED input from the opposite sex like a drug to feel alive in some way or another, input which they consciously or unknowingly get from men through clothes (or lack of) that emphasize sex. Get with it, it's in our biology!!!!! About a handful of very beautiful women friends have let me in on this little secret over the years. This is sad but true. So I am sorry if my comment is insensitive at best or damaging at worst, I admit it is not a bull's eye but also not entirely off the mark. 

This art work is great because it provokes such a discussion.

moscow subway
bjorntoday commented on Eugene-Siryk's profile
What a fine gallery, really great!
One of the most wonderful pieces I have yet seen on DA.
Waking bear
I know what you mean.
I am no proponent of violence.
Although I do think there are worse things in the world than getting punched.

Imagine if you saw people like the ones depicted in this image and didn't feel fear.
Wouldn't that be liberating?

Fear attracts bad things.
Project fear and you get yourself into trouble.
Fearlessness, on the other hand, has the power to transform.

It's the realization that even though you look like a hoodlum, you are still my brother and I am not afraid of you.

I know I'm going off on one. I may be mistaken.
Kids These Days
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thank you so much for the lama badge!

now, can you please explain to me what the h**l a lama badge is?