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Previously "CurlySkin", a skin for Foobar2000 aimed to be clean looking and easy to use.
Four colour themes: blue, green, red and white.

- Unzip .rar into Foobar2000 directory
- In preferences, go to Display -> Columns UI -> Import FCL, and locate "barFIVE - x.fcl" in the "skins" folder.
© 2013 - 2020 Bjoershol
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How do I change the colors of the volume bar and seekbar?
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Hey man, great skin (y). How can I increase the font size of the songs title ?
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Just want Folder/Structure list....
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Awesome skin!

I'm just wondering, is there any way to change the "Preferences", "Now Playing" and "Play/Pause" colors to White? It would match perfectly with my system deskmod.

Thank you!
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How change color button  "PREFERENCES" "NOW PLAYING" ans "PLAY/PAUSE" ?
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what VS do you use?
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Thank you for such clean & minimalistic skin. How would you go about adjusting the center tab splitters to create more space for bigger center artwork? Also, how would you go about showing the playlist column tabs on top of the active playlist on the right side?
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It would be great to have bigger center artwork space on the center to more effective portray the album cover, and have playlist manager to easily create/delete new playlists independently from left Artist columns. 
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This is so far the only foobar theme I can use.


 Because OF ALL the themes I tried, it's the only one that I load my library and it appeared there immediatly, in the other ones, it did not. And it also features a comfortable artist /album list, just the way I wanted

The bad?

No next/previous buttons!

Really add that and It'll be perfect (well at least for me)

Thanks a lot!
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Hey sorry to bother you man, I really dig the skin, would there be a way so that when you click on an artist you'd be able to see the albums? I need to double-click to see the albums and it starts playing the first album. Thanks.
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Why does my foobar look like this when i install your skin?…
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Same for me. ):
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were you able to fix the problems?
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This is a great skin, probably the best I've used.
However, I encounter some problems when I install it.
I still have the toolbar thing at the bottom, and there's a white line where it lists my artists.
Also, the volume bar and seekbar are different.
This may be something wrong on my part, but if you know the solution, I'd appreciate your help.
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try a fresh install of the portable version, worked for me
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Waiting on that update ;) (Wink) 
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Hey, really digging the skin. A couple of questions though,

Is there a way to select whole albums or highlight tracks that are selected? I tried fiddling with the background colors and it didn't work. I use discogs to tag and it's pretty annoying ctrl clicking and not knowing which tracks are selected.

Also, how are you supposed to scroll?


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Never mind, you just fiddle around with ELPlaylist for the selecting thing. Still ot sure how you're supposed to scroll though, without putting a scrollbar that clashes with the skin.
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I'm working on a new version where you can tell which tracks are selected. Scrolling is done by hovering the pointer above a list or element, then mouse wheel. :)

Oh, and my apologies to everyone for the slow update. I just have a lot of other things on my mind at the moment. ;)
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Thanks for the reply man, i just went to ELPlaylist and made selected tracks blue and that took care of that. I'm kinda rusty when it comes to foobar. I only bring up the scroll because i'm up on a laptop and no scrollwheel for me :(

But pg up and pg down works fine. 

I really love how you integrated the lyrics into the skin, handy for stuff like hip hop.
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Thanks for the skin, is there a way to sort by Folder Structure rather than Artist?
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Not at the moment... ;)
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For all those with the missing buttons, I've come across the solution after googling and finding this thread:


Aside from having to correct the directory path the custom buttons are trying to point to for the images, apparently two dll files called "libpng" and "zlib" are required in the main foobar2000 directory (NOT the components folder). I already had zlib1.dll in my foobar2000 directory (included maybe?), but no libpng. I could not find a binary of the latest version but this older version worked for me:

[link] (I would just extract libpng13.dll, as the zlib1.dll is much older than the included one)

I now can read the buttons for this fantastic skin! Thanks again to the author for all his hard work! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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