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five nights at freddy's: are you ready? by saikoxix
The Wood Elf by HajimeKou
Youthey by Youthey
Morinth by Ambrose-Kellen
100 Dolleh Themes
Magnolia by aloiVViola
Magnolia 07 by aloiVViola
Caro and the time 06 by aloiVViola
Caro and the time 03 by aloiVViola
When the wilde wind blows by HajimeKou
Lykon 05 by prettyinplastic
the Call of the Open Road - part IV by Tiriaq
Tormented Shadows - BJD by Tiriaq
Will o Wisp by Steilkaars
Will o Wisp by Steilkaars
Rayne Aldridge-Ashworth by Lavandula-BJD
Meredith by Steilkaars
Denuded by Lavandula-BJD
Krumi New outfit by Mientsje
Krumi by Mientsje
Chocolat~~ by EienGTC
Fading away by Labeculas-Dollhouse
What we left behind by kuroi-carousel
The night that I met you by Kyovlad-2
Star tea by Kyovlad-2
Enaibi Brimbelle like a jungle by Atelier-Cynamon
Favnik 02 by scargeear
Elissa 002 by VelvetBat
Spring has passed by toshiro-sthlm
Photo Stories
Bunny gets hair cutting by Gaeldgleet
Big and Small by bjdphotostory
Snack-1 by Kyovlad-2
Reliance by cian1675
BJD Artwork
I'll be your eyes. Please, you be my hands by M961
Atelier Cynamon WIP by Atelier-Cynamon
Atelier Cynamon WIP by Atelier-Cynamon
Commission - Eireann (MNF Shushu) by prettyinplastic
Written stories
Ankh - Like an Angel by Ceridwenn
Blossoms by 1musical-melody
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Sally by KawaiiModeSmile Sally :iconkawaiimodesmile:KawaiiModeSmile 5 0 Dollstown Deogi 5yrs by vallouise Dollstown Deogi 5yrs :iconvallouise:vallouise 0 0 Dear Mine Dune by KawaiiModeSmile Dear Mine Dune :iconkawaiimodesmile:KawaiiModeSmile 3 1 Girly Boy by YoshiXX Girly Boy :iconyoshixx:YoshiXX 65 34 . Z o m b i e  R o c k . by asainemuri . Z o m b i e R o c k . :iconasainemuri:asainemuri 994 162 Steampunk Mechanic by cwalton73 Steampunk Mechanic :iconcwalton73:cwalton73 270 19 Love the little things by chibi-jackinthebox Love the little things :iconchibi-jackinthebox:chibi-jackinthebox 6 2 pervert by daveactualstrider pervert :icondaveactualstrider:daveactualstrider 113 23 Such an Irony . . . by Zerocchi Such an Irony . . . :iconzerocchi:Zerocchi 40 6 Making boots for BJD tutorial by scargeear Making boots for BJD tutorial :iconscargeear:scargeear 2,047 183 Random by hawthorne-cat Random :iconhawthorne-cat:hawthorne-cat 4 23 Prototype by knatroka Prototype :iconknatroka:knatroka 127 28 Lex - Let Me Just Get My.. by SyrynValentyne Lex - Let Me Just Get My.. :iconsyrynvalentyne:SyrynValentyne 3 2 Pippo hobgoblin art doll - poseable art doll by LegendLand Pippo hobgoblin art doll - poseable art doll :iconlegendland:LegendLand 9 3 Teru [Versailles] cosplay by ZephyrusSly Teru [Versailles] cosplay :iconzephyrussly:ZephyrusSly 10 6 Such a purty child by Resinixupi Such a purty child :iconresinixupi:Resinixupi 0 0

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So in the past year a lot of stuff went down with me, some good and some bad. I am sorry I haven't done anything with the group lately, I got distracted and then just didn't feel like doing anything. I am back now though.
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LolaLupiffoy Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist
Hello there all of you,
I'm new to this group and pretty new to DA in general! 
My name is Lola and I usually post drawings or photos of me or/and my sister -oh- by the way I'm a BJD, but at the moment I can't post pictures of myself since I'm on "vacation" and haven't arrived home yet. BUT my sister just moved in to our new house where we'll both live and our new roommate sews clothes so I'm sure she'll make some for my sister and me! 
rollnaturalD20 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
Dear BJD enthusiasts!

I am on a strange quest one might say and I hope you can help me. I am in the process of writing a bdsm/femdom series (titled roll a natural D 20" *yes that's 20 inches*)in which a girl turns her cheating boyfriend into a doll and eventually herself from time to time as well. This would include heavy bsdm bondage and femdom, so very NSFW.

For this series I wanted to have pictures accompanying the story to add more to it. At first I wanted to try and use 3D art to do it but then I thought I might use real dolls. I of course do not have the money or the know how of what to get for this so I decided I would seek out enthusiasts and inquire if they might set up scenes and take pictures for me. (Not a whole lot per story).

So here I am asking if someone would help me in taking pictures of very NSFW scenes with these dolls that go along with the story. I think max I would need 4 different dolls but right now the story at this stage is only going to be using 3. Again this would just be having you set up the scene and taking the pictures. We could talk about compensation as well.

If no one is willing to do this or this is not the best place I would also love if someone could send me to the right place to ask these questions thank you! In the end some content will be featured here on DA and the bulk and special stuff will be hosted on patreon.

Thank you for your time!
mjmccluskey Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017

karlyl - Hey! You took our $$ and did not deliver what you promised. In fact, you delivered nothing. Send our Master back. Crook!!

BelialsChoice Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Hallo there,
is there a way to post a selling Journal on here? ;;"
Sadly I really need to sell my Souldoll Junia and would love to spread the word.
Thank you very much <3
MZies Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer… I need some desperate help with my doll's hair. :/ 
MZies Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I made a stopmotion of anyone's interested…
MZies Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Are recast dolls allowed in the group? Recently I brought my first doll and I've just found out that's she's a recast which sucks so bad. I still love her and stuff, though. :( Aggrrr so frustrating. Can't believe it. 
Couratiel Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm unsure of where else I can put this, but I am selling a Asleep Eidolon Coral for $200. (Willing to haggle)
She comes with full face up (eyelashes included) Full outfit, wig, 4 sets of eyes and cetificate of authecity.

You can find more info here;…
SaniAru Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone possibly interested in a romance or friendship based RP ? I am looking to get better at my doll photography and my writing skills as I have been out of the loop so to speak for a few years and I used to write daily.

I'm looking for someone who would like to grow their skills together and learn from each other, be good friends with and share some ideas as I have no close friends in this hobby.

I would really love to create a story and character , I thought perhaps we could do photostories together , or write ,  maybe exchange little gifts or snail mail here or there. I would love to do something fantasy or sci fi based and where we could always change the story at any point in time or make changes to our doll /characters or do AU verses and basically be open to that. : ] I would like to start from scratch and come up with ideas together, maybe even turn it into its own epic saga! LOL. I'm a multi paragraph based roleplayer however I do have a tendency to adapt to people's preferred style and pace not looking for novella currently as I would like something fun and relaxed. 

I want to create a world where we are both extremely interested in it. One where we want to continue and not get bored of, but if either of us gets busy we can stop and continue at any time or start again with something new~ 

You don't have to have a 'perfect looking doll' or be the best photographer, or even the best roleplay, though I would enjoy having some literacy mostly what I am looking for is interest. 

I wouldn't mind 18+ situations, yaoi or yuri, straight , friendships, bromances, apocalyptic type settings, dark settings, fantasy worlds, magical girl or anime inspired ideas, every day life...sci fi.. pretty much open to most things as long as it doesn't involve extremely kinky scenarios or creepy fetishes and you are willing to add something to the story and not have me do everything (you must have some sort of interest). Overall I think this would be really fun! I would be interested in multiples joining in too. Essentially I plan to create a whole new doll / character for this and I think it would be fun to start from the ground up together. 

It would be really cool ! Anyway please feel free to note me if you come upon this in the future and feel interested let me know what your ground rules are and what you are looking for or any ideas you might have RP wise, story wise and character wise. 
HerRoyalKittyness Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing idea~
Most of my dolls currently belond to a story I am working on; however, I used to be an avid roleplayer and I could always use improvement on photography.
I'd totally give this a shot, if you are still interested?
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