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Wounded by WandaRocket
pumpkin pie III by AzureFantoccini
picnic near water I by AzureFantoccini
Autumn walk by SugarFirefly
SD and 70
Waiting for Christmas(in the Night) 3 by CelineHot
Waiting for Christmas(in the Night) 5 by CelineHot
Waiting for Christmas(in the Sunlight) 3 by CelineHot
Waiting for Christmas(in the Sunlight) 5 by CelineHot
My model by JennyMoc95
DikaDoll Arda by MaranweShillien
Ai-Zan - New Orleans Memories by VampyrTenrai
Flower Pot by KupcakeKitty
YOSD and Tiny
Lady Bug by BlackSwordAshura
Reindeer Games by KupcakeKitty
Heavy Blade And Heartless by KupcakeKitty
Nessie - Blank by BlackSwordAshura
Mixed sizes, Group and Couples
Sempai by nutsutha
My dolls room  by nutsutha
Meeting  by nutsutha
You Are My Christmas Gift by WandaRocket
Anthro or Animals
Pipo - Blush by BlackSwordAshura
Pyta Full Blush by BlackSwordAshura
Shai-Hulud by Estellanara
Pirate fishy by Estellanara
Face-up and Body blushing
Vivec - Faceup by BlackSwordAshura
Pipo - Faceup by BlackSwordAshura
Pyta Faceup by BlackSwordAshura
Luciole - faceup by BlackSwordAshura
BJD Crafts
bjd necklaces by Animaster888Art
Iplehouse male FID size plaid hat by Thelesia-08
Loki's Doll House Tour (YouTube Video) by KupcakeKitty
Wig Cap for Soom Gluino by BloodyKylie
BJD Fanart
Traveling The World by KupcakeKitty
Speek Without Sound by KupcakeKitty
Magician Basil. by xershi
+ + + BJD + + + by Naitachhal
Owners with dolls
twins by Angell-studio
Tea Time by KupcakeKitty
Sleeping Beauties by KupcakeKitty
Bed Time by KupcakeKitty
Dolls for sale
bjd porcelain doll waiting for your destination by fernandoartesano



Group Rules

This group is a best place for all those who love their BJD! Submit your artwork, photographs, tutorials, and other BJD-related creations :D Have fun Dollfie lovers!


Before submitting your works to the group, please make sure you read the rules below on this page.

NO for recasted dolls! Only Legit BJDs!

•The photo(s) must contain Ball-Jointed-Dolls: Dolls with ball and socket joints, with customizable and interchangeable eyes and wigs, made of resin. We DO NOT ACCEPT the following: RECAST, Hujoos plastic dolls (Hujoo resin dolls may be on topic), Pullips, Blythes or hybrids that have their parts and other non-resin dolls like Barbie, Smart Doll, DD etc.

•Please, use the correct folder!

•Submissions are 2 per folder per day

•We have folder "Dolls for sale" too ;)

•All your submitted works go through a voting process
of our Contributors. Please don't be sad if one of your pictures is declined.


1. The photo must be of a certain quality standard – not too grainy, blurry, dark, bright, overly contrasted etc. And no big watermarks, esp. not these huge dA-watermarks please! No nudity (No sexually provocative/explicit, nude images)

:bulletblue: Sloppy-looking snapshots will be turned away, so take care to pick up and put away your underwear and tame your doll's hair before doing a photoshoot. Blurry photos won't be accepted anymore. Please take your time to check your pictures.
:bulletblue: Please refrain from submitting multiple images from the same shoot at the same time. (Exceptions can be made if images differ enough from each other.)

2. The photo should not contain distracting backgrounds such as humans (for example Doll meet snapshots), messy rooms, random clutter, or anything not in context with the photo(s). We don't accept photos of dolls that appear to be poorly cared for!

3. Please not to many multiple photo submissions from the same shoot but different poses etc. Choose your best!

4. We have the right to ban you from this group without warning if you do/are one of the following:

:bulletred: Breaking the group rules on a regular basis
:bulletred: You are an art thief
:bulletred: You are a troll and you troll around DA
:bulletred: You give us attitude about the rules/bash the group rules
:bulletred: Multiple times and you STILL break the rules, you will be banned







Hello everyone!

We have new folder: "Owners with dolls" :la:

Have fun!

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ChikakuEtansel Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Thanks for accepting me! I had a quick question, though - are filtered photos ok? I play with Prisma and photo-editing sometimes, but I don't want to post those shots here if they're not allowed.
Thanks again!
SugarFirefly Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Filtered and edited photos is ok for us :) Have good fun!
Agent-Taai Featured By Owner Edited Apr 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!
Have a friend who is selling a LE 2013 Dark Pipos Cheshire, where would  I be able to submit that listing for them? c: Asking price is $500 but open to haggling to $475 w/ free shipping. c:

More Info here…
Korwynze Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wonder if there's anyone here who makes custom BJD's..?
sugar-glowlights Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the request on Phaedra and allowing me into the group! ^_^
Graratiam Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
Thank you for the request  :)
Kavarr-Damian Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015
Hi! Thanks for requesting my boy Indy's photo :) 
tenchibaka Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015   Artist
i see you have a 'dolls for sale' folder, would you consider 'doll accessories/clothes for sale' folder?
SugarFirefly Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
We have folder BJD Crafts for accessories and clothes-for sale too;)
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